Who needs money anyway?

Katie Tolbert

It’s a scary thought to think that thousands of students are working several hours a week for a sentence on their resume, but after this summer I realized any intern can walk away with a lot more.

Practically last minute, I accepted an internship that offered no pay and a beautiful hour and a half round-trip commute. After the thrill of feeling like a grown-up, the ironic reality sunk in: I have to spend a lot of money to work.

Although this doesn’t come off as the most luxurious summer, this internship has allowed me to learn more about my field of study than I have in the two years I have been in college.

So, instead of collecting money in my savings account, I am collecting tips and need-to-know information in my notepad I bring with me every day I am there. While the money sounds more appealing now, the information and experience I am getting will get me the job I want after college.

Because I am not tied down to an hourly standard day, my internship schedule has actually been flexible around my life. It is hard sometimes to know that I could come and leave as I please, but the first thing that was said to me was that you will get a lot from this internship, if you put a lot into it.

For all the work I have put into this summer, I will admit it would be nice to receive some sort of compensation, but I know that will come sooner than I think. Now, not only do I have the experience, but also a contact list full of experienced people that would recommend me for the future job I want.

If you are posed with this kind of situation, don’t be afraid to take the internship. This is the time in our life where we dedicate a lot of time to learning in the classroom, but the real learning happens out in the field.

Don’t get blinded by numbers or worries, open your eyes to the possibilities. This internship has made my summer and reassured me of my career choice. Whether you can find an internship that pays or doesn’t pay, take notes and live it up.