Time to crown this year’s ‘Miss Ugly’

Jennifer Arthurs

Georgia Southern University guys will get ugly at the fourth annual Miss Ugly Pageant on March 28 at 7 p.m. The pageant is in the Foy recital hall and sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota fraternity.

“It’s a chance for us to raise money for Relay for Life and our philanthropies in a really fun way,” Grey Prescott, chairman of the pageant, said. “We have 8 guys this year who are going to dress up like women and preform talents, answer questions from the judges, and do a group dance at the end. It’s just a fun way to raise money.”

Participants will go through a pageant agenda ranging from preforming their own different talents to answering questions that the judges will create for them.

The Miss Ugly Pageant has been held for the last four years to help raise money for different causes and the S.A.I. philanthropies.

The participating members are all from the GSU marching band. Some of the participants are even members of Phi Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Si, parts of the music Greek organization.

Communications arts major Dylan Kennedy has participated in this pageant the previous year for fun with a group of his friends. He is going again this year.

“It was such a good experience for us to raise money. This year it’s for Relay for Life,” Kennedy said. “We raised so much money; I thought why not do it again.”

Another aspect Kennedy likes about the pageant allows people to step out of their comfort zone, he said. The pageant also gives a connection to the community with the music fraternities.

“It kind of lets other people who come, not just in the music department, outside of it also. They come and see what the music fraternities do and want to raise money,” Kennedy said.

The winner will be crowned Miss Ugly, and receive a certificate, a crown, and roses for winning the pageant, Prescott said.

Computer science major Mauricio Sonny is excited to participate in the pageant. He has big plans if he wins the title of Miss Ugly.

“If I win Miss Ugly, I’m going to Disneyland,” Sonny said.