Your View: Is the “party hard” spring break accurate?

Your View

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“I know a lot of my friends are doing that (the “typical” party spring break) but I am going to be here working. I’m working like 40 hours just trying to get paid. I think a lot of people just like to go home and get away from Statesboro and just relax. I don’t think there is an average spring break. A lot of people do go to the beach and a lot of people do other things.”

-CJ Berthelsen, sport management major, junior

“No people don’t have enough money for that (crazy spring break). Some people go with families to places. Some people go on small trips with friends. But not like renting a big boat or something and going out on the water and everyone getting drunk. Having fun times with friends is what makes spring break.”

-Justin Miller, psychology major, junior

“No that’s not an average spring break because no one wants to end up on GSUproblems. For one, always have at least two designated drivers so they’ll make sure you won’t go and do something stupid you’ll regret the next day because all of your friends are drunk. Everything is a good idea when you’re drunk but it really isn’t. (What makes a good spring break) Good food, good things to watch on TV or Netflix and no homework or papers to write. That’s the best.”

-Kamela Williams, psychology major, sophomore

“Well the way people talk about it, it sounds like that. But I think that most people just go home. Relaxing and getting away from all the work and just slowing down a bit is a good spring break.”

-Adam Ashcraft, chemistry major, sophomore


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“I think it depends on where you go. I would say that just going with all your friends, sitting at the beach and having a few drinks is worth it. We meet up with random people and have a good time. You can reach out to other people.

-Brianne Anderson, exercise science major, freshmen

“No. I think it’s probably most everybody going home. It’s basically resting and preparing for the rest of classes. There are not many breaks. Just going home and seeing the places you used to see every day, is nice. Cut out the people that will cause problems, and make the sacrifices you need to for school.”

Chris Anderson, chemistry major, freshmen

“I think it is when people actually go to the beaches, but most students just wanna go home, like somewhere else. Just relaxing and chilling, away from school. Just use common sense, and don’t get hammered. Getting hammered doesn’t usually lead to good things.”

John Dickenson, biology major, junior

“Just Chilling. That’s all you need to do for Spring Break.”

Siyom Jeffers, IT major, sophomore

“I think that’s what students expect, but I don’t think that’s the ‘average’. Personally, I’m not doing anything super crazy this year, but that’s what some people do. It just depends on the person. Spending quality time with your friends is nice. I think that a lot of people, after one crazy Spring Break, they’re like ‘well maybe I can slow down,’ and relax.

-Jessica Podesta, psychology major, sophomore