Bachelor Recap: Season 24, Ep. 6

Savannah King

Surprise! There was an extra episode of The Bachelor.

At the beginning of episode six, the remaining girls are transported off to Santiago, Chile. I feel like the producers are purposefully sending them to predominantly Spanish-speaking countries, just so Peter can show off his Spanish skills (which are very impressive).

The First One-on-One

Hannah Ann is the lucky girl who gets to join Peter as he explores the city. They eat hot dogs and dance and just coincidentally run into an old married couple who give them advice on how to have a long, happy marriage.

Peter does have some worries about Hannah Ann, mainly concerning her age and her maturity and commitment level that come with her age (she’s 23 and Peter is 28). Just because Hannah Ann is young does not make her immature or at his level of maturity. Though she did ask Peter if he is afraid of heights–if Peter, who is a pilot, is afraid of heights. Let’s all let that question sink in.

Hannah Ann admits to Peter that she’s never truly been in love, but she’s confident that Peter is the one and she’s ready for marriage. Peter finds the fact that she has never been in love very concerning and feels like he’s not getting the real Hannah Ann, so what does he do when they’re having dinner? He leaves. He gets up and leaves instead of sitting there and talking about what is bothering him.

Hannah Ann eventually gets tired of waiting for him to come back and finally goes after him. She tearfully says to Peter that she is starting to fall in love with him, and boom! She has the date rose.

Back at the hotel, there are two date cards for the girls. The first date card is for the group date, which will include Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelley and Mykenna. The second date card is the one-on-one that goes to Victoria F.?! Victoria F., I know, I know. Didn’t she just go on a date with Peter? The answer is yes, but Peter felt like the date wasn’t fair due to the fact that her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice serenaded them.

The Group Date

This group date actually looked really fun. Peter took the ladies to the set of a Telenovela (a Spanish soap opera)! Each girl got a role, and was able to show off their acting skills with Peter. During this whole group date, there is no drama, and everyone is actually having a good time with each other. Let’s see how long that lasts.

The drama-free good times do not last long as the girls enter the cocktail party. The night opens with Peter dropping a pretty big bomb on Victoria P. Victoria P., who is a fan favorite and someone Peter has noted as someone who is very trustworthy to him. Peter basically says to Victoria P., “Maybe you are more secure and confident in us than I am.” Peter what is that supposed to mean?? To clear it up, Peter just doesn’t see a future with her, which left not only Victoria P. stunned but all of the Bachelor Nation stunned as well. He walks her out right then and there. See you at the final rose, Victoria P.

Madison, another fan-favorite and unproblematic, finally gets some screen time and some time with Peter. While Peter and Madison are having good quality time, Tammy is starting new drama with Mykenna. Tammy takes shots at her by saying Mykenna is “putting on a show,” or “Is she really ready for an adult relationship?” Tammy at this point is just picking random girls and starting unnecessary drama. It’s kind of annoying but also really interesting to watch.

Kelsey comes to Mykenna’s defense, understandably since Tammy called her an alcoholic last week, and tells Tammy to just keep her mouth shut. Mykenna has had enough of Tammy’s pot-stirring and plans to tell Peter all about it. Peter finds Tammy’s meddling confusing and assures Mykenna that he trusts her. Through all the drama and bickering, Peter gives the date rose to Madison.

The Second One-on-One

Victoria F. meets Peter for their second one-on-one at El Pañasco de Santa Sylvia ranch. At this ranch, they learn the art of connecting…with horses! The day portion of their date goes very well, but that doesn’t last because at dinner their feelings come to light. Throughout dinner, Peter’s mission is to get Victoria F. to open up. It seems like an easy mission, right? This is Victoria F. we’re talking about–a deadbolted door is easier to open up than her.

The more Peter tries to get Victoria F. to open up, the more defensive she becomes and eventually she gets up and leaves dinner. Off-camera you can hear Victoria F. saying that this is the hardest she’s tried with a guy. Peter is still waiting at the table for Victoria F. to return from her freakout session. When she returns, she lets Peter know that she likes him and wants to continue, and that excuse seems to be good enough for Peter. Victoria F. ends up getting the date rose.

A Cocktail Party/ Rose Ceremony

The ladies get a knock on the door thinking it is to remind them of the upcoming cocktail party, but it was for a pre-cocktail party for Mykenna and Tammy. The card read, “Mykenna and Tammy, meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else arrives. Enough is enough.”

When they arrive Petter announces that he wants to get to the bottom of this drama, so he takes Tammy to talk first. Tammy tells Peter that she has been watching and taking notes of Mykeena since day one and says that Mykenna is only here for her brand and to become famous.

Mykenna finally gets an opportunity to defend herself to Peter, and basically just tells Peter that Tammy is twisting her words. Honestly, Mykenna is a little more believable to Peter than Tammy is because at some point during this journey Peter and Mykenna have shared some type of romance and chemistry, which is more than Tammy can say she’s had.

In the end, Peter sits them both down and says that he can not have both of them here, which leaves Bachelor Nation thinking that he’s sending both girls home, but then he turns to Tammy and says, “Can I walk you out?” Mykenna is overjoyed. He chose her!

After that drama was taken care of everyone can finally carry on with the cocktail party. The party is actually drama free. This could be the first cocktail party in Bachelor history that no one yelled at on another.

After a calm cocktail party, it is time for the rose ceremony. The girls receiving roses during the ceremony include: Kelsey, Natasha, Madison, and Kelley. Those four join Victoria F. and Hannah Ann in having roses.

That means Mykenna is out! After all that drama, he still sent her home. She later says, “Why didn’t he just send us both home?” which is an understandable question. Peter pretty much led her on. This also means Bachelor Nation also says goodbye to Sydney, which was a bit of a shock since Peter admitted to having a lot chemistry with her on their one-on-one date in the last episode.

Next week we’ll find out who makes it to hometowns, and eventually who will be the future Mrs. Weber.