The British invade Georgia Southern

Rashida Otunba

The Beatles say hello to Georgia Southern University tonight as “These Youngsters from Liverpool,” a temporary exhibit featuring replicas of the Gretsch guitars played by The Beatles guitarist George Harrison debuts at the GSU Museum.

The exhibit will feature a reproduction of the famous Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar George Harrison played on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” including two other guitars that he used throughout his career as a guitarist for The Beatles.

Richard Flynn, Washington D.C. native and professor of literature at Georgia Southern, will also be giving a personal talk on the effect the Beatles had in influencing musical, social and political culture in America at the time.

“When The Beatles came along they really shook things up.  The first concert that the Beatles ever did in the United States was in the Washington Coliseum in D.C. At the time, I was nine years old. Initially, it was sort of unserious to me, but years later when I actually listened to their album, ‘Beatles ’65,’ I realized that what they were up to was more serious than I thought,” Flynn said.

“These Youngsters” is presented by Fred Gretsch, the owner of Gretsch guitars, and will commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles American debut performance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964.

“Georgia Southern students will be able to see how music has transformed and how The Beatles changed as a band and how they were able to change music in less than a decade,” Shay Meredith, intern at Gretsch guitars and graduate history major, said.

The reception will also feature presentations by Gretsch and performances by Chris Mitchell, who will cover some of The Beatles’ hit songs.

The reception will begin Tuesday at 4 p.m. in the GSU Museum. It is free for students and the general public. Light refreshments will be served. The exhibit will be shown until Feb. 14.