The Bachelor Recap: Season 22, Episode 3

Savannah King

Did we just find this season’s Luke P.?

Last Monday’s episode was the most dramatic episode of the season, as Chris Harrison would say. It brought back old drama and sparked some new drama–we may even have found the season’s villain. So, sit back, pop open a bottle of champagne (or sparkling grape juice), and lets recap what Monday night’s episode means for the rest of the season.

The drama between Hannah Ann and Kelsey is still brewing from last week, and their feud even has the name “Champagne-gate”. If you’re not sure about what “Champagne-gate” is, let me refresh you.

This all started last week in episode 2 before the rose ceremony. Kelsey had brought a bottle of special champagne all the way from Des Moines to share with Peter during some alone time.

Before Kelsey could steal Peter away, Hannah Ann did–and Hannah happened to stumble upon rose petals and champagne while she was having her alone time. So, of course, she popped it open and poured her and Peter a glass. Little did she know (or not know, no one is quite sure) that it was Kelsey’s Champagne. Kelsey found out, and cue the waterworks and a lot of name-callings, marking the beginning of “champagne-gate.”

The two tried to reconcile and find some understanding in this episode, but that really didn’t happen. The conversation started off by Kelsey saying it the whole fiasco wasn’t really about champagne and that Hannah Ann was the actual bully in this situation. The two went in circles. Nothing was ever really resolved, so I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to see if “Champagne-gate” is still alive and well between the two.

The One-on-One Date

While the fight between Hannah Ann and Kelsey was occurring, Peter was on a date with Victoria P. If you don’t remember who Victoria P. is, she’s the one who was traumatized by the teacup ride at Disney World.

During the one-on-one, Peter decided to take Victoria P. line dancing and have dinner in an airplane hanger. We get it, he’s a pilot.

During dinner, the two have an actual conversation rather than just talk about their feelings the whole time. Victoria P. reveals that she’s been through a lot in life, and she really has. Her dad passed away, and her mother fell into addiction, leaving her and her sister in and out of shelters growing up.

This shows Peter that she genuinely wants love and a happy family in the future–possibly with him

Peter, of course, gives her the date rose, which keeps her safe in the rose ceremony this week. After this date, it showed me that Victoria P. may be a front runner to Peter’s heart.

This week, we were also introduced to Alayah (A.K.A Miss Texas 2019). Before this episode, I had no idea who she was, but now she’s one girl I’ll never forget.

We first see her drinking and carrying on with the girls, stating that she may be a pageant girl, but she’s not always prim and proper. Her overall presence just doesn’t sit well with Sydney.

The Group Date

The next date is a group date with Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney and Alayah, and their world is literally rocked. Literally. They are awoken in fire and fury with pillows.

Demi (a contestant from Colten’s season) and some friends came back to the house to beat the girls awake with pillows to get them ready for their date.

Each girl is given a pajama/lingerie set (one girl called it lingery), and they are sent off to a secret location. Turns out, their secret location is the Cowboy Saloon Palace that houses a boxing ring.

The girls have to fight each other to the death.

Just kidding–they have to have a pillow fight, but they treat it like such.

The final round arrives, and guess who the finalist is. Sydney and Alayah! Let me tell you, they weren’t friends before and now they’re definitely not friends. They went to war in the ring. If you ask me, Sydney won the round, but they gave the win and a crown to Alayah.

Afterward, the group goes on their cocktail date, and Peter and Alayah are really hitting it off.

While they’re talking, Sydney steals Peter away. They also are really hitting it off, but before she leaves Peter, she tells him she feels some girls are here for the wrong reasons and are putting up a front for the cameras. Now Peter is confused, distraught and torn up about all the girls.

Peter, in front of the whole group date, asked if Sydney had anything to say because he wants to squash the allegation she told him. So, in true Sydney fashion, She calls Alayah out, saying that she puts on for the cameras.

I could feel Alayah’s death glare at Sydney through the T.V.

Alayah asked if the other girls if they feel the same and…crickets. No one said anything.

By the end of the date, Peter ends up giving the group date rose to Sydney for being honest, but this isn’t the end of Sydney vs. Alayah.

The next day is the rose ceremony, but instead of having their usual cocktail party, they decided to have a pool party where no one actually swims or gets remotely close to the water.

Peter, though, is still distraught from the news about Alayah so he’s not feeling the best–but at least he showed up.

Alayah steals Peter to try and clear things up for him, and she actually does. Things are fine until Sydney talks to him again and reiterates that Alayah is fake, making Peter distraught again.

This time, Peter takes it in his own hands to ask the girls how they feel about Alayah–and it wasn’t good.

Each girl really didn’t have anything positive to say about her, and they pretty much all said the same thing: she puts on a show for the cameras.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole dynamic of these fights and feuds reminds me of the whole Luke P. fiasco from Hannah B’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

Finally, Peter goes to Victoria P. for some clarity because her opinion means the most to him (as he emphasized), and even sweet Victoria P. had nothing nice to say.

It turns out the two knew each other through the pageant industry. Victoria P. said she never spent too much time with Alayah, but Alayah asked if Victoria P. could lie and say they didn’t know each other.

This news leaves Peter even more confused about everyone, and now he is distraught about going into the Rose Ceremony.

The Rose Ceremony

Now the rose ceremony arrives and everything is surprisingly going smoothly. Every name he calls is an understandable choice. But then things go south.

He’s down to two roses and then just walks out without saying a word. He, of course, is still upset about the whole Alayah situation. He has a “strong connection” with her, but there might be too many red flags.

Will Alayah stay or will she go?

Ultimately, Alayah goes and Mykenna stays. It’s obviously hard on Peter, but I’m pretty sure all of America sighed with relief. We could not go through another Luke P. fiasco.

In the end, 12 roses were given out to Hannah Ann, Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Tammy, Natasha, Deandra, Kelsey, Kiarra, Shiann and MyKenna.

America is saved from what could have potentially become another Luke P. ordeal. Right? Wrong.

The sneak peek into next week’s episode shows Alayah is back–but will Peter let her stay? We will have to wait and see.