Dining Commons kicks off holiday season

Ashley Dalton

To kick off the holiday season, Dining Commons will host its Annual Holiday Dinner tomorrow from 5 to 8 p.m.

“The Annual Holiday dinner is for students, faculty and members of the community to come together and enjoy the holiday season.

We’ve been doing it for many years and we want to keep the tradition going in the new facility”

,” Greg Crawford, director of residential dining at Georgia Southern University, said.

The new facility has allowed for the Annual Holiday Dinner to progress this year with a larger menu and more seasonal decorations.

“With our new facility, we’re able to offer a more diverse menu than we have in the past,” Crawford said.

Some of the dishes that will be served at the event are crab cakes, lamb, grilled sea bass, prime rib, green bean casserole and assorted desserts.

“Also something we’re doing is offering a Jewish menu as well, because we have facilities now that allow us to offer different items,” Crawford said.

The Dining Commons will also be decorated for the event. There will be snow machines outside at the doors and a twelve-foot Christmas tree in the main entrance. The inside will be decorated with a Winter Wonderland theme and there will be different props that people can get their pictures taken with.

The event is open to the University and Statesboro community. Students may use their dining plans but cash and cards are also welcome. The dinner price is $13, but if you bring in two canned goods for local charity the dinner price will be $8.50. This is the first time that the Annual Holiday dinner will be incorporating a Can-athon.

“We thought it was a neat idea to roll in with the holiday season and help out the community as well,” Crawford said.

“The biggest thing is its open to everyone. We would really like to get students, faculty, and the community together in one area. We just really want everyone to come out and enjoy themselves at the holiday dinner,” Crawford said. “It’s one of those Georgia Southern traditions that have been going on for quite a while.”