GSU to prepare for a holiday season tradition

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  • Graphic by: Alexandra Tobia

Meagan Greene

Traditional offerings will be in abundance at Lakeside Dinning Commons when Eagle Dinning Services creates a Thanksgiving meal of epic proportions this Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Gobbly Good Eats is the first debut of the new Lakeside Dinning Commons annual holiday dinner.

“We’ve always done a holiday meal. This year with the new facilities we wanted to push it to the next level,” Greg Crawford, director of residential dinning, said.

A variety of options will be at the lunch for attendees to choose from at this event.

“We’re really going to have fun with the menu this year,” Crawford said.

“All the regular serveries will be showcasing a different food theme that relates to Thanksgiving,” Crawford said.

Main courses, such as grilled lobster tail, whole roasted duck, carved oven roasted turkey and spiral cut honey baked ham along with such dishes as four-cheese macaroni and sweet potato soufflé, plus many more, will be available. For dessert there will be over 11 different types of sweets to choose from.

“We’ve been backing all week to make sure we have a beautiful showcase of desserts,“ Chef de Cuisine Cynthia Jones, said.

The meal is open to anyone on campus, with or without a dinning plan, as well as faculty and non-students.

“We are trying to make it not just food-related, but also community. We want people to appreciate each other’s company,” said Crawford.

The numerous teams that represent Eagle Dinning Services came together to plan out and prepare each aspect of this event.

“Before anything is in place we meet without senior coordinators and come up with the ideas for each event. Each team is in charge of decorating, the event will be really nice and presented well,” Crawford said.

Activities from cookie decorating to a photo booth with divergent props will be there to commemorate the activities going on at Gobbly Good Eats.

“Each holiday we like for the kids to have something special,” Assistant Manager of Lakeside Dinning Commons Denise Allen said. “We like to make people feel at home.”

This is the 15th year Allen has contributed to a Thanksgiving feast on the Georgia Southern University campus.

Eagle Dinning Services likes to get as involved as possible with the students at GSU, faculty and Statesboro community. By having a holiday-oriented event such as this, it aids in bring everyone together before they go off for the break.