Community, country and world hurting this season

James Farmer

This is the time of the year for giving, and it could not come at a better time for the U.S. and the world. While most of us here in Statesboro have a bunch of wants this time of year, there are still people in our community, country and the world that have real needs that they cannot meet this holiday season.

Here in Statesboro, residents suffer from a high poverty rate that prevents many from fully enjoying this holiday season. The Statesboro Food Bank and Second Harvest are always in need of volunteers, and if students are in town, they can provide help to many in the Statesboro community by volunteering at those locations. The Holiday Helper Tree is set up in the Russell Union of Georgia Southern University, showcasing easy ways that students can help out the community.

Nationally, a powerful tornado just hit the town of Washington, Ill earlier this week, leaving the town in ruins and its residents in disarray. Many people lost everything in the storm and will have to spend the holiday season homeless. Donations of food, clothing, household items and even blood will do more to help these people out than most gifts you will ever give.

Even internationally, the world has great need at this time of year, as a typhoon that left over 4,000 people dead and the survivors in shock recently hit the Philippines hard. Countries from across the world have pledged their support, and celebrities have also called upon their fans and supporters to donate money to the relief efforts. Consider donating to Convoy of Hope, which received Stephen Colbert’s seal of approval and met his goal of raising over $100,000, the amount that China donated to the recovery effort.

As students who have life relatively easy, it is sometimes hard to part with our hard-earned (or borrowed with heavy interest) money. But this holiday season, we can show that GSU cares about these people who are less well off by donating our time and money to the less fortunate.