A go for ObamaCare

Chris Ware

I don’t understand why so many people are outraged over Obamacare. I’m sure some of the confusion can be attributed to misinformation like death panels, and a host of other lies used by the right wing to disrupt the implementation of a law our country needs to have.

There are some things you should know about Obamacare. If you already have insurance, you will not be affected at all. Obamacare is for those who are totally uninsured and provides them with affordable healthcare options. These plans will allow individuals to receive basic coverage for such things like annual checkups and doctor visits. These checkups will allow doctors to catch potential problems before they become serious and become much more expensive to care for. Without Obamacare, that expensive treatment someone would have to undertake because they did not cure a previous problem could be passed on to the taxpayer.

If you do not obtain health insurance through the private sector or by buying into the public exchanges by a certain deadline, you will face a tax penalty. This is due to the fact that if you get sick and you can’t pay for your medical expenses because you never got health insurance, you will at least have paid something into the system to justify the health services you will receive.

We are the greatest country in the world, but up until a few years ago, healthcare, the most vital aspect to human survival, was labeled as a privilege in our country. Part of being the greatest country in the world means your people are cared for in the most basic ways, and through Obamacare, our country will be one step closer to making sure people in our country can expect to live in good health and dignity. I urge you to go research the upcoming changes before you decide if this good or bad law. Obamacare has already affected millions of Americans positively and I am sure many uninsured Americans across the country will find very few problems when it comes to finding an affordable private or public health care option, thanks to Obamacare.