Greek life welcomes new members after spring recruitment

Phylicia Gallmon

Georgia Southern University Greek life welcomed in 50 new members for the Interfraternity Council and around 25 new members for the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority last week during Recruitment Week.

“I am really pleased at how our executive board members handled everything. They really have stepped up and taken charge of what recruitment looks like on our campus and what makes sense for our campus,” Jess Turuc, interim director and United Greek Council advisor, said.

The IFC had 55 men who were interested in joining during recruitment week and 50 were able to finish the process, Susan Matheison, IFC graduate advisor, said.

“A lot of the new members are excited to take on leadership roles, not even just with the organization they joined, but within the IFC executive board, which is exciting for an advisor to hear,” Matheison said.

Delta Phi Epsilon shared recruitment week with the IFC and had a good number of women able to complete the recruitment process to join, Turuc said.

“Delta Phi Epsilon just had their spring recruitment last week, and from the new members we expect for them to become very involved. All sororities across the board are pretty involved throughout campus, so we definitely want to see them continue being involved and strive for academic excellence,” Roberto Gutierrez, Panhellenic Association graduate advisor, said.

Delta Phi Epsilon was able to recruit over 20 women into their sisterhood through its recruitment process, Turuc said.

“It is nice to see our Panhellenic community grow. These are opportunities that women want. They want that sisterhood, and I am happy that we can provide that for them on this campus,” Turuc said.

It is the mission of the office of Fraternity and Sorority relations to help bridge the gap between students and Greek life and the new members of the IFC. Delta Phi Epsilon will be an asset in doing just that, Matheison and Gutierrez said.

“A lot of these students are already involved in a lot of different organizations, so as long as they are continuing their involvement outside of the fraternity or sorority, I think that will help erase that line,” Turuc said.

Not only will Greek life continue its involvement on campus through its unique organization, but they also plan to reach out to the student body through different programs and events, Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said, “We want students to be more aware of what we do because a lot of the times you will hear the bad stuff. You don’t hear the good stuff that we do.”