Students to create 5th Ave. inspired Christmas window displays

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  • Photo by: Mark Barnes IIThe Christmas window displays will be featured in downtown shop windows begining Dec. 7 at 6:30 pm.

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Lindsey McCormick

Downtown Statesboro will get a taste of a New York City Christmas this holiday season as display windows come alive with bright decorations.

Georgia Southern University students will compete in the Fifth Ave. Christmas Window Design Challenge on Dec. 5 in downtown Statesboro’s Frills by Scott Marchbanks.  Frills by Scott teamed up with the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art to make this competition possible.

The students will have 72 hours to design a holiday themed display using a $100 budget supplied by Frills by Scott.

“Scott came up with the idea to give students the opportunity to learn about fashion merchandising and design through this competition. It is a great way for them to learn about their majors,” Jenny Anderson, marketing for Frills by Scott, said.

Cinnamon Dowd, communications and outreach director from the art department, selected 24 students to participate in the design challenge.

The window displays will bring a New York City’s Fifth Avenue feel to downtown Statesboro.

The designs will embrace the NYC tradition of creating displays that capture the magic of the Christmas season. Students can get as creative as they wish, but the display must surround a mannequin and a dress from the boutique.

“We loved the thought that we could offer something downtown that has never been done before. We are always looking for ways to bring people downtown.  A lot of times, students can go all four years of school without ever venturing downtown,” Anderson said.

There are six teams for each individual window with four students each. All participants are design majors, fashion and apparel majors or art majors.

“I wanted to do the challenge because it gives me more extracurricular activities to put under my belt, and it is something to add to my resume. I’ve also always been interested in fashion even though I’m an art major,” Ni-ka Ford, senior art major said.

The windows will be revealed on Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. during First Friday event downtown.

First Friday is a celebration of the Christmas season that will include the holiday parade with Santa Claus, a Chili Town Cook-Off and food and holiday music.

The winning team will be decided based on votes from the community and GSU students. Votes can be submitted inside Frills and Fancies located at 1 South Main Street or through the Frills by Scott Facebook page.

Winners will be announced Dec. 22 and will receive a holiday gift certificate to various locations.