Kings to You: An Inside Look at a Local Band Created by GS Students

Savannah Johnson

Kings to You is a pop-rock band made up of students right here on campus. Its members are Blane Wheeler, senior history major, who plays guitar, sings and writes songs; Myles Lockley, senior political science major, who plays drums; and Graham Harris, senior engineering major, who plays bass.

About a year ago, the idea for this ensemble was born. Its name is inspired by 2002 film “The Count of Monte Cristo.” 

The group has played at Gnat’s Landing and Your Pie in Statesboro. They have also played venues in surrounding areas like Vidalia and Swainsboro. The group has covered songs by many different artists including Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis. They have also performed original songs written by Wheeler.

Photos Taken by Lauren Sabia

The group was candid about what challenges they’ve faced since they began working together. 

“Direction has definitely been a challenge,” Wheeler said. “My songwriting is more pop, and I want to go in a more pop-like direction with a lot of it, whereas I feel like Myles wants to take it in more of a rock direction.”

“But that’s just personal interest taking a role in how we develop collectively.” Lockely added. “And don’t take pop to mean what the general term means, which is like popular,” he said. “It’s more about the genre of pop. The melody and the beat.”

Wheeler also opened up about struggles faced when sharing an original song with the group. 

“Usually the way that I write music, I write all of the parts out kinda in my head and jot down notes on paper, so in my mind, I have a certain way that I want things to go,” he said. “But when I’m in a band, and I tell them to play this part and it’s different, it’s hard for me to just let it go because my songs are like my babies. So it’s like a difficult thing for me.” 

When asked what their goals for the future were, the boys laughed. “I want 50 number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at one time,” Wheeler said.

“But, in all seriousness, the whole thing behind starting a band and writing music is to get it out and make it somewhere doing something that you’re passionate,” Myles said. “That’s the main reason why I play. It’s a passion to play music, and if we can make a living doing that, I guess that would be a goal.”

The group is currently working on getting their name out their and booking more shows. For their latest updates, follow them on Instagram @kings_to_you and like Kings To You on Facebook.

Photos Taken by Lauren Sabia