Required Classes


Redshirt-sophomore right tackle Brian Miller (56) suffered an apparent hip injury in Friday’s practice.

Tayler Critchlow

Starting September 1 all Georgia Southern students are to be required to take two training courses online over alcohol awareness and sexual assault prevention to be completed by October 26. Sounds non-threatening, I suppose, but I have a few complaints against this. Not that I think the classes themselves are a horrible idea, but just hear me out right quick.
Ok, so first, how were we supposed to know about these training courses? The only reason I learned about these mandatory courses is because I just so happened to pick up the George-Anne last Tuesday, but a lot of students don’t read the paper, so how are they supposed to find out about this? I have yet to see an e-mail or any kind of notification alerting students of these additional classes.
Speaking of classes, how extensive will these classes be? Will it be taking a simple test and after a passing grade we continue on our way or will there be modules to complete or papers to write? Students lead incredibly busy lives, most with a job or two on the side of classes if not multiple extracurriculars. It seems unfair to require something that demands more time spent away from other activities without even allowing a say in the matter.
Next issue ties into the matter of how this came into being. I don’t remember discussions with students or any surveys or polls taken to determine if the students feel these classes are necessary or not. Should we not have a say in the classes we are being required to take?
Now, let me reiterate that I think that instructing students on sexual assault prevention and alcohol awareness are incredibly important, and students should be taught how to deal with these matters or how to behave in certain situations. I believe that these classes could be beneficial, I simply disapprove of the initiation and the process the people in charge are utilizing to put the courses into effect. There should have been more warning and there should have been feedback asked for. There has been no information provided allowing students to know what to expect and how to react accordingly to when the initiative takes effect the first of September.
Welp, that is my spiel.