Setting the Barre: A New Group Fitness Class at the Rac


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Julia Fechter

What’s a student to do when they have to attend two group fitness classes for extra credit or just want to spice up their workout routine?
Perhaps a group fitness class at the RAC will appeal to you. The RAC is offering a new class this semester called Barre and Tone.
The class, offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m to 7 p.m. in RAC Studio 2, is a ballet-inspired strength and cardio class.

The class is designed to tone muscles and increase stamina by using traditional ballet moves and equipment like bender balls and ballet barres,” Emmy Richards, the CRI Fitness Program Director, said.

Barre and Tone_Cristen Gullatt
Barre and Tone works the entire body. Participants engage in exercises like squats, leg lifts, arm circles, and movements that use their core muscles.
“We brought this class to the RAC because it’s growing in popularity in the fitness industry and is a really great workout. It’s low impact so it’s good cardiovascular exercise for people with injuries who don’t want to jump around a lot and you get the muscle toning and strength benefits of lifting,” Richards said.

Students do not need to have any dance experience to take the class, nor do they have to necessarily like ballet. This class does not include choreographed dance moves like Zumba.

Instead, it focuses on building lean muscle by repeating ballet moves to build endurance and stamina in one’s muscles.
“It’s not a lot of intense exercise, but I think it’s very useful. It helps me stretch the parts that I never do, and I think she (the instructor) is really good at instructing us. She makes the class feel very relaxing,” Yen Le, a second year electrical engineering graduate student, said.
Barre and Tone_Cristen Gullatt_1
Two new staff members joined CRI that had experience in ballet and dance, which made it possible to start offering the class.
I love seeing other people reach their goals, and I love seeing them enjoy their workout, even though I can tell when they’re hurting…I know that it’s a good hurt and that they’re enjoying it,” Kendall Greene, a Barre and Tone instructor, said.
Barre and Tone can be challenging, but like any other workout, it can help you get stronger over time. It’s worth going to if you prefer an alternative to lifting weights. And if you have to attend a group fitness class to fulfill a fitness requirement, all the more reason to go!  
Photos by Chisten Gullatt