It's Time to Celebrate One Another

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by Jamar A. Boyd, II
Life presents its fair share of trials and tribulations, but also an unprecedented amount of joys, triumphs and victories. There are days when the smallest accomplishment seems like one’s greatest achievement and greatest day. Then there are others when the hard work, long days and sleepless nights finally pay off and one is rewarded for their diligence. Accomplishments, in which, one shares with others in the hope that they’ll be excited as they are. However, more and more that’s not the case.
Somehow, someway a spirit of envy and jealousy has come in and settled. No, this is not true for all or for all situations, but it can be said about many. Scripture tells us to not be envy or jealous of anyone. As we are told to not only not desire one’s possessions, but also their life and/or lifestyle. We often times see the glory and don’t know the testimony. Seemingly, having tunnel vision and not possessing the whole picture. Therefore, it behooves us to operate and live in the purpose God has for our lives.
At the beginning of this message it says, “It’s time to celebrate one another!” And it’s long overdue. One of the greatest hindrances, I believe, is our inability to celebrate one another with sincerity. I’ve seen, over time, the false happiness or joy many present when an individual achieves success. Folks smile in that person’s face, pat them on the back, may even give them a gift and take a picture. Only later to bad mouth that person with a false truth due to jealousy and bitterness. My Nana says to me often, “I’m genuinely happy and proud of you. Not because you’re mine, but because you are.”
That little statement, to her, is one of the greatest supplies of energy and stamina when I feel exhausted or stressed. Phrases like that do not aide simply because they’re nice or come from one you love, but because they’re genuine. People tend to think genuineness can be faked, but that is a lie. The old saying, “fake it, till you make it” need not be applied in this case.
We are living in a day and age when the weight of life and everyday trials are causing people to think negatively. The everyday tasks which once seemed attainable and manageable now seem so far away and dreadful for many. But, today we’re going to change that. Today, we’re going to change someone’s life not just through our private prayers, but through our uttered words.
No longer will we allow jealousy to hold us back from a sincere happiness. No longer will we allow bitterness to hold us back from sincere gratitude. No longer will we let pride persist, instead humility will abide.
So, with that being said, I want you to know this. Not only do I love each of you fully, I’m Godly proud of you. Not because you’re mine, but because you are. Continue to go forward in life and trusting fully in the Lord and His plan for your life. Do not allow the trials of life to overtake you or shift you, but stand firm in Christ. Know and remember, the joy of the Lord is your strength. Above all, seek Him first in all you do and watch the blessings begin to come forth. I celebrate you today. I love you and may God’s blessings be upon you.
– J.B.II
About Jamar:

Jamar A. Boyd, II – Senior sport management major, President of St. Jude Up ’til Dawn and Second Vice President NAACP. “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” – Ayn Rand