Leggings are Pants, Bye.

Cheryl Nuzum

By Cheryl Nuzum
Ah, the age-old battle. Are they or aren’t they? Can something so thin, stretchy, and non-durable be considered pants? They’re not made of denim, khaki, or *cringe* corduroy. Are they appropriate bottom wear? Could they really be fitting for our generation’s young women?
The simple answer: Hell yes.
Girls understand this feeling. Leggings are just soooo comfortable. They’re not stiff or restricting like jeans straight out of the dryer. When you come home from a long day of class, instead of changing into a whole new outfit, all you have to do is take off your bra and voila! Instant comfort.
Now nay-sayers of this wardrobe essential may say that these garments aren’t practical. Well neither is half the crap people wear but we look damn good in them so we wear them anyways. Why not include leggings in that?
They’re too see-thru. Newsflash, you can buy leggings of a thicker fabric. Some are even fleece-lined for the colder months. If you have already some of a thinner variety, just wear with a long shirt and cover your bum whenever you bend over. Easy.
They’re way too casual. Oh yeah, cause the sweatpants or Nike shorts I’d otherwise be wearing is so business-casual.
Most girls don’t have a nice enough butt to pull off leggings. Want to know how to get a legging-ready bod? Have a body, put some leggings on, and STFU about body shaming other people. It’s 2016. Come on.
They look like pajamas. That’s cause they are. So is the T-shirt I’m wearing underneath my hoodie. Anymore questions?
Lizzy Geddy, sophomore English major, is a big believer in the comfort for leggings. “I just think people that shame other people for wearing leggings it’s just stupid because it’s what they want to wear and it’s comfortable so why do you care? It doesn’t affect you.”
This is college, OK? In a couple years, most of us are going to graduate and start wearing suits and dress shirts every day to work. Girls have the added disadvantage of heels, skirts, and pantyhose. Have you ever experienced the torture that is pantyhose? The struggle of putting on a pair before a big event (wedding, interview, formal dance), catching a toenail, and desperately trying to find a nail polish in a modest-enough color to fix the run before it gets too big? No? Well, it sucks.
Leggings are the way for girls to treat ourselves to make up for the decades of Spandex and sheer hosiery before us.
As a future female president will say, one day, probably: “Let them wear leggings!”