The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Spring Break Styles Spotted in Gulf Shores

Sandy toes, tangled hair, cheeky bathing suit bottoms, and sunburned skin was all the rage on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama this Spring Break.
But does everyone dress like the oh-so-stylish Georgia Southern students? I decided to hit the beach with my camera to find the fashionable, wacky, and funny attire from students visiting from Georgia to Oklahoma.

Georgia Southern University

What’s black, white, and red all over?

When you are sunburnt you can always opt to go on the beach in a coverup or button up hawaiian shirt, but why not go all out and dress in a penguin outfit? I am not really sure why this guy packed a penguin outfit with him, but it ended up coming in handy.  
Plus it makes for a great caption if you took a picture with him (which I did, of course). The only acceptable caption when posting on social media is “What’s black, white, and red all over?” If you didn’t catch the joke the answer is a sunburnt penguin.

I’m SΣXY And I Know It

If you are familiar with Greek Life at all or if you are a part of the “GSU Clothing Exchange” on Facebook then you have probably heard of the SΣXY tanks that every girl scrambles to buy from the Sigma Chi Fraternity.
These little thanks come in all colors from solid blue, like Georgia Southern University student and Sigma Chi brother John Salter, to tie-dye in whatever color you want.

Classy Lady

Just because you are on the beach and on Spring Break doesn’t mean you cannot be fabulous while doing it. Erin McGuinness decided to go to the beach in a tie dye coverup with a giant sunhat, instead of the typical srat tank and jean shorts. She may have been at Gulf Shores, but she looked like she belonged in Greece on a yacht.

BFF Goals

What’s better than a week on a beach, you may wonder. A week on a beach with your BFF..duh. Madison Loggins and Jessica Holman are the beautiful best friend duo that decided to relax and get their tan on in some adorable two piece bathing suits.
The high neck trend, as seen on Madison, seems to be all the rage this year, but the tan lines from it are not.

Kansas State University 

Cover Girls (and Guys)

This huge group of Kansas State students jumped at the opportunity for a photo in a magazine. But who can blame them, the Reflector is pretty fantastic.
I was told during this mini photo shoot that the guy in the front would be the next “cover model.” While I will not say if I agree or not (I do, I mean look at him!) this group was definitely a great group of people to meet! Kansas really knows how to have some fun, that’s for sure.

The Three Best Friends

Kansas University
 While they did not actually sing that catchy melody from The Hangover, it was pretty obvious that these three Kansas University girls were best friends. They decided to mix and match their bathing suits instead of having them all one color, which we are absolutely loving!

Oklahoma State

Funneling it Down

Oklahoma State 2
These three Oklahoma State students couldn’t even put down their funnel for five seconds, showing where their priorities are at. But hey, it’s Spring Break so why not?
Although the Hawaiian shirt and colorful, geometric shorts combo was..different, their personalities were a solid 20 on the scale.
Great times and a lot of funneling was expected when partying with these three.

University of Tennessee

Cutest Couple Award

University of Tennessee
I am not really sure if they are actually a couple, but they sure would make an adorable one! Football in hand, this guy carried his girl a pretty long way down the beach before stopping for a break showing what true love is all about.
The girl had adorable french braided pigtails that were seen on hundreds of girls that weekend. Which means they are coming back in style and allow us to all channel our inner 10 year-old again.

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