Get Some Spice (Girls) Back In Your Life

Kelly Strojny

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The Spice Girls are getting back together under a new name, an event which many fans have been dreaming about since their last performance at the London Olympics in 2012.
It’s been 20 years since they released their hit song, “Wannabe” and Mel B., Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell recently released a video thanking their fans for all the support over the years stating that they wanted to give back.
“We want to celebrate and have a party and when we do, you’re all invited,” the three women said in their video.
The word on the street is that the band’s new name is GEM, an acronym that stands for their initials. It appears that the other two girls, Victoria Beckham and Mel C are not rejoining the group for another round.
Sources have said that they have too much going on in their lives between family and businesses.
“I will be a Spice Girl until I die. Truth be told, earlier this year, after several face-to-face meetings with the girls, I made the difficult decision not to be part of a proposed reunion with Emma, Geri and Melanie,” Beckham said in an interview with The Sun.
The band has pushed back their reunion tour dates to 2017. They haven’t settled on a date yet, but they have confirmed that it’s happening.
The band has had a massive influence and impact on pop culture. There are many people out there who grew up with the 90s pop bands like Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Dream, Destiny’s Child and so many others. Here are a few thoughts from some fans.

“I am so excited for their music to come back,” Maggie Carlson, nursing major at Georgia Southern, said.

The Spice Girls where the most successful girl band in the 90’s. There aren’t many, if any, girl bands like them anymore.
“The Spice Girls are musical geniuses,”  Kourtney Beaty, criminal justice said.
90’s fans have been waiting for one of their favorite childhood band to get back together. Their wishes are finally coming true. It’s very rare that bands get back together, but it’s always a major throwback and gets everyone wound up for a blast from the past.


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