Georgia Southern students express their thoughts on UNC-Charlotte shooting


A shooting occurred on the campus of UNC-Charlotte Tuesday resulting in two deaths and four other injured. On Wednesday, The George-Anne got reactions from students on the Georgia Southern Statesboro campus. 

Cy Taylor and Nathan Woodruff

Students at Georgia Southern University shared their thoughts on a deadly shooting that took place at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte Tuesday.

The shooting left two dead and four injured. According to the student newspaper, Niner Times, the suspect started firing in a classroom in the Kennedy building on UNCC’s campus at approximately 5:40 p.m. 

“This is the saddest day in UNC Charlotte’s history,” Philip Dubois, UNC Charlotte Chancellor said in a statement. “Earlier this evening, the unthinkable happenened on our campus.”

The George-Anne reached out to students on the Statesboro campus for their reaction to the shooting.

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