Savannah Pride Fest 2015

By Amanda Flake, Staff Writer

Hundreds turned out in Forsyth Park Saturday, Sept. 12, for the annual Savannah Pride Festival. Itll be a big one,Rob McCoy, director of Savannah Pride, said hopefully of the days events. With dozens of vendors, live music, food and games, McCoys aspirations were far from squandered.

The cheer of Savannahs Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community rang true. Members of the community, young and old, gathered to celebrate not only themselves, but also the rights and freedom of others.

Armstrongs resident chapter of Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) attended Pride with their booth. GSA president Emily Bressler stated that she hopes to gain more contacts and support within the Savannah community. GSA secretary Stephanie Miller agreed, explaining her desire to get our name out.They want Armstrong’s involvement with the LGBTQ community to be known in the Savannah area.

Contrary to popular belief, events such as Savannah Pride are not exclusive. Whether attendees identify as LGBTQ or not, McCoy stated that the goal is to “see everyone together and show support.”

Not only a time for merriment and fellowship, the festival also serves as a statement that the LGBTQ community has a place in Savannah and is accepted by both members and allies. In light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling legalizing gay marriage, this years Pride Festival was larger than ever and will only grow be bigger, better and more colorful in the coming years.