Lamar Odom recovering after near-death experience

Lamar Odom recovering after near-death experience

By Tyrone Townsend, Staff Writer

Lamar Odom, the two-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers and the 2011 NBA Sixth Man of the Year, was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel on Oct. 13. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for drug overdose.

The hospitalization occurred following a several-day bender during which Odom reportedly ingested cognac, a dangerous dose of “herbal Viagra,” and used cocaine. After days in a coma with several organs reportedly having failed, Odom regained consciousness Friday, Oct. 16. He began breathing on his own and spoke a few words.

Odom’s visitors included former teammates and colleagues in addition to family that remained at his bedside.  Longtime teammate and friend, Kobe Bryant, visited Tuesday night following a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings. Bryant left early upon hearing the news of Odom’s condition.

Further tests will be conducted to determine the extent of internal damage as a result of the overdose. While his health continues to improve, he remains in critical condition.