Crime Blotter

crime blotterAccording to incident reports from Armstrong’s Police department, there has been an increase in larceny crimes on campus in the past few months.

On February 5, 2016 a student reported that his wallet was stolen from a nearby fast-food restaurant. Shortly after, he discovered his card had been used at the Pirate’s Pantry. The culprit has yet to be found.

Last month, a staff member in the financial department also had her wallet stolen from her purse while she briefly left the office. Since having her wallet stolen, her cards have been used at several nearby locations such as Walmart and Target. Holds were placed on the complainant’s accounts and a description of the contents collected by campus police for further investigation.

Campus police have also responded to several calls and complaints revolving around suspected Marijuana use in the Windward Commons residential area. Based on reports from the police department, most of the activity is centered around the second and third floors. While some cases did not see citations given out, others have required the involvement of judicial affairs.

At least two students have reported having their parking decals stolen since the beginning of the semester. In both cases, the complainants received citations for not having a parking decal. The parking decals are known to be difficult to remove however, it appears there are perpetrators who can remove them with ease. The students were given replacement decals by campus police.

A call to campus police to report a disorderly individual turned semi-violent and required the individual to be taken to St. Joseph’s.

According to the report, the student was calm when officers arrived at Jenkins Hall and responsive to questioning. The situation took a turn for the worst when the student in question began to act disruptive once again, yelling expletives and falling to the ground unexpectedly. In an attempt to calm the student once more, a university police officer was grabbed and pushed into a brick wall. EMS arrived on scene shortly after the altercation and transported the student and officer to St. Joseph’s hospital where he was given a sedative to be calmed before being treated.

The student was later taken to Chatham County Jail by Metro Police where he was booked and processed.