Second Punk Rock garage sale rages hard at The Jinx


Lila Miller, A&E Editor


Last weeks issue featured a preview of Mess Messand The Jinxs Punk Rock Garage sale. After the last sale in February at Sulfur Studios, most attendees waited with bated breath for the next one to arrive. This months Punk Rock Garage Sale did not disappoint and only added to the fanfare and local love Savannah is fostering within the community.

This time around, the event was held at The Jinx in downtown Savannah. The sale featured more vendors than before, as well as homemade cuisine.

Gilbert Cruz, manager of the Jinx, cooked up some Mexican flair with his bad luck tamales, including one stuffed with sweet potatoes. If people needed to wash the tamales down, the Jinx opened their bar early and had a full selection of refreshments for shoppers.

With more vendors comes greater variety, and the tables were no exception. Graveface Records had a plethora of bins of records to choose from, as well as strange, kitschy housewares and witchy embroidery.

Hyperrealist, a record label, sold merchandise from various metal and punk bands, as well as records. Local illustration group of Fist City offered illustrated posters of various horror-related memorabilia, comic books and t-shirts.

Joshua Sterno not only facilitated the event but his table, Mess Mess, had something for everyone. He sold 90s t-shirts, NBA-era hats, VHS tapes galore, along with other memorabilia 90s kids would love.

I also had a table at the sale where I sold ‘zines of poetry, art, band posters, art work, and various bric-a-brac.

Cult-favorite Tittybats, of Instagram-fame, (his account boasts over 83k followers) also had a table and sold t-shirts of his illustrations, an extensive amount of pins, both of his designs and pieces from his rare, vintage collection. I was lucky enough to snag a pin featuring a washing machine with Sonic Youth engraved into it.

Previous Savannah-resident Lauren Light, purveyor of vintage clothes and forgotten fashions, packed up her closet in Athens and made the trip south to offer her wares. She came complete with a changing screen reminiscent of the halcyon days of dressing tables, vanities and more glamorous lifestyles, if only in dress.

Greta O., front woman of local punk band, Greta O. and the Toxic Shock, sold her meticulously-crafted, hand-embroidered patches, wall-hangings, as well as VHS tapes, vintage Nintendo videogames and even a Game Cube console complete with games.

Armstrong alumnus Edward Nixon also had a booth of his hand-screen-printed artwork on t-shirts, patches, koozies and more. Camden Noir, tattoo artist, writer and artist, sold pieces of original artwork, several books he had written, as well as prints from portfolio work.

Overall, the second Punk Rock Garage Sale was a huge success and more collaboration between Mess Mess and the Jinx is foreseeable in the future. Patrons wandering in rarely left empty-handed or brooded over a lack of taste. When will the next Punk Rock Garage Sale occur? No one is quite sure… but in the meantime, stay thrifty.