Tennis teams make comeback after spring break losses


Mayor Jan Moore

Teresa Durham, Staff Writer


Pictured: Women’s tennis player Lenka Styblova (Armstrong Communications).

On Georgia College’s courts, Pirates systematically destroyed the Bobcats 7-2 after losing three matches over Spring Break against Barry University Buccaneers, Valdosta State University’s Blazers, and West Florida University’s Argos.


With severe wind, temperatures in the 40’s and questionable actions by opposing players, the Pirates took some heavy hits. The Pirates’ own Alvaro “Chamo” Chamorro was injured while playing in the doubles match against West Florida after the wind pushed his arm into an extended position.

“The weather and these matches are difficult…In my case, I do one serve and I got injured in my shoulder,” Chamorro said.  

Chamorro says he is back in fighting shape, obvious since he beat Nathan Connelly 6-1, 7-5 for No. 6 singles on March 24.

After the unsuccessful streak, winning all doubles matches over the Bobcats made for an exciting fresh start. Luca Cerin/Ignacio Hernandez won No. 3 doubles against Nathan Connelly/Anton Waern, 8-4. No. 2 doubles was taken by Bjorn Kurtze/Lorenzo Camilli 8-6 from Mattia Campus/Pedro Ecenarro. Slot No. 1 was stolen from under Christian Graff/Kyle Kinsler by Alberto Caceres/Jan Porteset.

Men’s singles went much the same way.

Pirate Cerin had a tough match with Christian Graff, but taking the No. 1 singles win at 7-5, 7-6. No. 13-ranked Alberto Caceres won his second set, 6-2, but ultimately lost No. 2 singles against Pedro Ecenarro.

Armstrong’s senior Ignacio “Nacho” Hernandez defeated Anton Waern by winning the first and third sets, 6-3 and 6-4, getting No. 3 singles.

“Well, the match was tough. I didn’t play my best, but after I could get there and win my points, find my game, that’s when I won,” Hernandez said.

The final match, No. 5 singles, ended in a tiebreaker for Bjorn Kurtze pit against Kyle Kinsler, with Kinsler winning, 10-5.

Jan “Jani” Porteset was up against Mattia Campus for No. 4 singles. An interesting match that had Campus doing a few power hits and running the court to reach Porteset’s returns.

Saturday, the Pirates were defeated by the Cougars of Columbus State University, 6-3.

However, Pirates came back with a vengeance Sunday at Georgia Southwestern Hurricanes’ courts. Thrashing them, the men’s team pulled off a 9-0 victory.

The Pirates improved to 12-5 overall and 5-1 in the PBC with the win.