Andy Sandford performs comedy set at Wormhole

Andy Sandford performs comedy set at Wormhole

Lila Miller, A&E Editor

Andy Sanford performs his stand-up comedy at the Wormhole bar. (Lila Miller)

This past weekend, joke lovers from far and wide graced the Wormhole in the Starland District for a night of comedy featuring Andy Sandford from New York City. This event was not merely an open mic night, nor was it the weekly comedy night with a roster full of local acts. Local comedian Derick Marchel hosted the evening and made sure the night went smoothly.

Sandford has been on Comedy Central, the late show with Conan O’Brien, acted as himself in Aqua Teen Hunger Force,appeared in Viceland, Adult Swim and has performed all over the southeast and in New York, among other comic gigs.

Saturday night also featured comics from New York City, Atlanta and Hilton Head Island. Marchel was the first to take the stage. His witty and sometimes self-deprecating repartee helped guide the show, as most comics’ monologues stuck with a similar snark and self-effacement.

Allison Carroll from sister city, Atlanta made quick work of amusing, clocking herself as a member of the LGBTQ community and joking that, “You can see my haircut from a mile away and say ‘I can tell she has a lot of opinions.

Savannah resident Hannah Grace held a sardonic, dry humor during her act. Most notable was her attire — specifically her bright orange crocs. In a later joke she admitted, “yeah I made a Facebook post saying if it got 25 likes I’d wear orange crocs for my show tonight, also I’m a loser.

D.J. Delgado made the trip from Hilton Head Island and asked the crowd, “how many eight year olds do you think you could fight at once?” Audience participation was at an all time high. Later, he added, “Fighting eight year olds is a marathon, not a sprint.

Atlanta-native Clark Franzman he recanted that,Stand-up [comedy] is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. In college, I was in a fraternity, but I was also a theatre major. You ever been the loser in both groups of friends?” he asked.

NYC resident Austin Chardac joked about being 25 and looking 35, being single in New York and what he could buy with his tax return. “I got my tax return back and thought I’d splurge on some name brand cereal. Anybody f*** with Raisin Bran?”

After five comedians had come and gone, headliner Andy Sandford went on to close the evening. Sandford explained how people make it seem like being single is great.

Yeah man, I’m single and on the prowl Or alone and stalkin,” he said.

He closed the night with a bit about serial killers. “I’ve seen every documentary on serial killers and I’m also concerned about that. We hear about the Zodiac killer and how there’s a copycat. People are unimpressed. We have this dismissive attitude towards copycat serial killers.  It’s like they’re a cover band.

The night ended in applause and laughter as the crowd dispersed to the bar or patio.

“I was surprised that they [the Wormhole] were able to get such a big act. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time,” Nathan Dixon, a local firefighter said.

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