ISO offers a “Taste of the World”

Lila Miller, A&E Editor

International Education Week kicked off Monday Nov. 13, with a “Taste of the World” culinary event held by the International Student Organization (ISO). ISO’s event featured various foods from different countries and gave Armstrong students the opportunity to “taste the world.” The event was held from 12:30-2PM at the Residential Plaza.

The food tasting stations were grouped by ‘continent’ under tents in the Residential Plaza. There were tents set up that featured foods from the various countries within the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Austria served wienerschnitzel, a savory meat pastry, Germany served maultaschen which is a type of meat-filled dumpling. Korea served bulgogi (pork) and rice, as well as sweet stick treats called Pocky from South Korea. The area of Vietnam also served fried rice, in a dish called Com chiên.

Students manning the Nigeria table served Jollof rice and were meant to serve fried plantains, but the plantains had not ripened in time. Students hosting the event in general enjoyed the turn out, though the event timing could have been better tailored around classes.

“I was sad that when the big campus rush after classes came, [because] we weren’t fully prepared but it surpassed my expectations, a lot more people came than I thought [would.] At one point, we were bombed [with people,]” remarked Bre Walker, a junior studying Rehabilitation Science.

Countries also displayed decorations, pamphlets and more than one type of cuisine. The Egyptian table served a sweet and sticky pastry called Basbousa. Kenya and India both served chicken biryani which was like a spicy curry dish.

The Bahamas’ table had a vegetarian coconut curry atop a bead of jasmine rice. “I went vegetarian and had to learn how to make dishes without meat in them which isn’t a typical Bahamian thing. Even when I called my mom she was like “Sam, are you sure you don’t want to make it with chicken?” explained Samantha Farrington, a freshman majoring in theatre.

Students from Jamaica cooked curry, rice and peas and beef or veggie patties. They also served an appetizer of an English bun (more like a slice of bread) and cheese as part of a meal for their traditional Easter holiday.

International students from the Czech Republic served camping goulash soup, a pork soup steeped in a mild red broth, as well as a sweet cake called Bábovka.

“It was hard to find the ingredients here [in America,] it’s the easiest cake to make in Czech Republic. The flour [in America] is different [than in the Czech Republic,] baking powder is different. We [the Czech people] have three different types of flours but here they are different, but it was similar enough. The [traditional] cake itself is taller, but I found a mold at T.J. Maxx and I never expected to find it there,” explained Klára Dudová. Dudová is an international student and is only at Armstrong for Fall 2017. At her home university she is studying for her masters in economics.

Overall, ISO’s kick-off event for International Education week was largely a success. The event was the beginning of the entire week of celebrating International Education. Various events including a fashion show, raffle, movie screenings and guest speakers were held throughout the week to encourage students to get involved and meet people from all over the globe. For more information regarding ISO, contact Sara Noble in the International Education office in Gamble hall.