Final Farewell

IMG_1212-RecoveredKayla Rand, Editor in Chief

As graduation approaches, the bittersweet realization that I will be a part of Armstrong State University’s last class comes to me. Although I have been Pirate for a year, I have gained a family that will last a lifetime, regardless of Armstrong’s consolidation.  

Deciding to go to graduate school was a difficult decision that I have made to further my career.  The benefits may seem obvious to you, the reader, but to me, someone who has completed her bachelors and spent two years in the workforce, it was not.  But, I have come to the conclusion to pursue my graduate’s degree, and to do so at Armstrong.

Armstrong was the perfect option for me being a small university with credible teachers and reputation.  Also, I didn’t want to attend Georgia Southern because Georgia State is my Alma Mater.

The Professional Communication and Leadership Master’s program is mainly night classes, which fit my schedule with my full-time job. Professor Dr. Robert Terry and Professor Dr. Kimberly Martin have become mentors for both my education and career.  They have also encouraged me to consider pursuing my PhD.

Many of my classmates have become friends outside of school and helped me throughout my personal life.  I have even picked up an extra part-time job with the help of another PCL student.

The courses I have taken were designed to advance my current career, enhance technical and professional skills, and provide me with the tools to market myself.  Regardless of what other PCL students think, this program has prepared me with strategies to reach my short-term and long-term goals.

I don’t think I will ever regret making this decision– to return to school, to pursue my masters within a year and to participate in the only student-run news source on campus.

Within the Inkwell, I have become close with seven unique individuals that were at first complete strangers as I was being introduced into my position as Editor-in-Chief.  The inkwell staff this semester, all has had so interest or  passion to contribute to the paper, and the merger has given us a unified purpose to strive for something more.

The Inkwell staff has taken years of experience and fresh ideas to create a new version for the final year of Armstrong.  More controversial topics, in-depth reviews, and visual graphics have opened eyes and helped garner a larger readership.

At times I felt a great weight from the responsibility of representing the voice of Armstrong’s student body, but I still, I would not trade the experiences I’ve garnered from working there for anything.  I have been able to meet amazing people, share incredible stories, and create memories that will go with me everywhere.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to complete a full school-year in this position, but I am thankful for the opportunity that I was given.  I am excited to continue my life after school and stay updated with the consolidation, the progress within the newly merged school, and the future of the Inkwell.

Armstrong will forever be a part of me – of my journey and my diploma.  Although on December 9th, 2017 I will be giving a final farewell, the legacy it holds on us will never be gone.  

Thank you my fellow Pirates, for giving me the opportunity to serve you.