Collegiate 100 Puts on Talent Show for Black History Month

Photo courtesy of: Dylan John

By Alexandre Iglesias, Staff Writer

Saturday Feb. 24, Collegiate 100 and Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS) put on a Talent Show as part of Black Heritage Celebration Month in the Student Union Ballroom. This show was put on with the purpose of showcasing the students of the Armstrong campus of Georgia Southern’s enormous talent.

However, the onset of the event was delayed for an hour due to dealt with technical difficulties that consequently cut the event’s time in half and shortened every participant’s time to perform. The performers, however, worked hard to combat these setbacks by modifying their performances to fit the adjusted time.

The first contestant was a young poetess that motivated the audience to see the light and to celebrate the good things in the world today, despite the many atrocities that are occurring simultaneously.

The next contestants were the Golden Dream Dance Team, a young but powerful dance group of Armstrong students that also have previously performed in multiple campus events.

The third contestant was also the first, Dakayla Watkins. The young poetess and singer, in her second performance of the evening, took a creative approach in engaging the audience, when she asked the audience to set the rhythm to her rendition of “Little Bird,” a song by Annie Lennox. This was a bit risky because the audience (including myself) lost the rhythm on the first try; Watkins had to start again but was supported by a round of applause.

After the first three performances, there was a brief intermission, but afterwards, another singer showed her talent with aid from the audience, who supported her through the malfunction of her instrument.

At the end of the night, the winner of the Talent Show, Anthony Scott, presented a powerful poem about the fight of African American people against racism. His message entailed African American should fight for their rights even more, African Americans should never forget where the fight came from and African Americans should never forget that there is still a very long way to the racial equality that they deserve.

Here are the final winners that were chosen by the judges:

  • In 3rd place, the Golden Dream Dance Team
  • In 2nd place, Dakayla Watkins
  • In 1st place, Anthony Scott