Senior Art Exhibition- GAMUT

Senior Art Exhibition- GAMUT

By: Caniece Mitchell

GAMUT: A full scope of artists, brings the work of students Kathryn Percival, Anthony Caracci, Hannah Moore and Antonio Singleton to center stage. Featured pieces included acrylic paintings on glass, Raku sculpture and pottery, comics, artist’s merchandise, and an imaginative café setting.

Past the glass wall of the art gallery, I’m immersed in the work of Percival.

Suddenly, as if a smiling face clad in a stained apron emerges with a double shot of espresso topped with caramel and foamy deliciousness, this piece titled “The Bombastic Kit•Tea Cat Café” transports the onlooker to the ever familiarity of the coffee shop. The warm brown tones and dim lights provide for an experience that will make you do a double take.

Percival has truly captured the essence of the cozy coffee shop, in our coffee-crazed society, it stands out as a piece that could elicit memories and translate to a wide variety of viewers.

Next were the pedestals of pottery and sculpture featuring the work of Caracci. The imaginative sculpture pieces depict on one end the head of an alligator attached to a vise grip.

In his free time Caracci has an interest in for mechanical work. The grips providing parallelism to the mighty snap of an alligator. With three different components, the work reflects the nature versus machine. An outstanding depiction of tools mirroring the world around us.

His pottery is beautiful copper-inspired pieces of work that utilizes a unique Raku firing technique to gain its color. Through this technique a piece is rapidly heated to 1850 degrees and then thrown into a sealed trash can. I guess it’s true when they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s art”.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.09.48 PM
Pottery by Anthony Caracci. Photo by Caniece Mitchell.

Then you will see the warm work of artist Singleton.

It is easy to catch the coolness of the set, the shades and tones of blue and purple providing an immediate sense of collectiveness. Here he features his inspired pieces of cartoon work, that reflect his passion to bring happiness to the people around him.

He quotes the “Bhagavad Gita” as being his inspiration to create art, “… no matter the medium or format. It’s a “small miracle” from my own hands that could potentially elevate someone and make them happier..”

One other very notable piece is of a monkey man perched in the clouds exuding light from all around him. This indeed is a work that transfers as pure light.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.10.15 PM
“Discovery” by Antonio Singleton. Photo by Caniece Mitchell.

The exhibit ends with Moore.

“As I visually take in these details, I find the emotional expression of the landscape using paint” she states.

From one glass painted photo to the next, Moore uses her keen eyes for detail to depict the changing of the seasons. Visually, it is stunning to see the sun capturing small details in the snow covered pine, or the moon reflective in the cool tones of water.

This is a cumulative piece Moore has been working on for the past two years when she began her studies on the Armstrong campus. Her experiences of life reflected in the seasons depicted on the walls.

Her fresh take on the art series, provides the onlooker with a substantial feel of location, of being in the here and now.

GAMUT was a stunning reflection of the artistry featured on the Armstrong Campus.