Student Organization Fair Coverage

Student Organization Fair Coverage

by Katie Graves, Staff Writer

photos taken by Rebecca Munday


Communication Arts Department (APO and Masquers)

“What’s really cool about Masquers is that it involves all [aspects of] theatre, so
it’s not just acting…if you want to do background stuff. It’s really cool to see how that works”, said Charles Dumas a Theatre Major and President of the Masquers Club.

“We are a part of the Masquers and APO. Masquers is the theatre departments’s
organization, so if you’re involved in Theatre, you’re part of the Masquers. APO is the Honors Society of the Theatre Department. The more shows you do, the more points you get for part of APO.”, said Grace Burns Theatre Major and Vice President of APO


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
“This is Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. We recently, last Thursday actually, on the
sixteenth of January celebrated our centennial, which is one hundred years of existence.
Basically we just live off the principles of scholarship, service, sisterhood and minor
woman-hood.”, said Tarleshia Jean-Pierre a Sonography Major


University Programming Board

Our Mission: The University Programming Board at Georgia Southern University enhances campus life by providing safe, inclusive, and diverse events for the student body, creating a TRUE BLUE experience.
“We’re a student-led organization where we plan events that’s inclusive and diverse. We put our student’s fees at work.”, said Kaley Neal a Cellular Molecular Biology Major


Phi-Mu Sorority

“Phi-Mu to me really means sisterhood and bonding and like being able to trust
all of these girls is such a blessing. I really love being apart of my organization because I can always count on these ladies.”, said Erika Fahy a Visual Arts Major


Recreation & Wellness

“We’re promoting Clubs sport program within Rec and Wellness, which are clubs
such as men/ women’s soccer, basketball, tennis, spikeball. Basically Club Sports are student run organizations that get to travel and participate against other clubs around the Southeast.”, said Sean Willett a Staff Member at the Recreation and Wellness Center


International Student Organization

“ISO is basically an organization that helps unite people around the world. It
brings people together with different backgrounds to educate others about different cultures.”, said Kim Trinh.


Tri-Sigma Sorority
Taylor Cooper: senior, music education major, president
“Our main thing is ‘empowered women empower women’, and we have options
for philanthropy and community service. We serve others before we serve ourselves.”, said Taylor Cooper a Music Education Major and President of Tri-Sigma


Phi Mu Alpha

“It’s a music fraternity and basically a lot of what we do.”, said Charlie Conger a Civil Engineering Major

“You don’t have to be a music major to join this music fraternity. That being said
there are multiple music majors in this fraternity. Our philanthropy for this fraternity is called Mills Music Mission and its where we go out to perform for people who don’t necessarily have music or can receive music. So nursing homes are not technically allowed to receive music so we’ll go and sing for them or play instruments for them. Another philanthropy we have is that we’ll raise money for local music programs around the county. Most of the time, its ones that are not able to receive money. Every little bit of it counts. That’s the biggest thing we’re just trying to spread music all around the country. One of our objectives is to advance music in America and that’s
one of the biggest things that we try to do is advance music.”, said Jonah Martin a Music Education Major and President of Phi Mu Alpha