Faulty Fire Alarm System in Windward Commons


By Rebecca Munday, Editor

The fire department could not find the reason the fire alarm sounded in Windward Commons on Sunday forcing residents to evacuate immediately. The fire department was also unable to turn the fire alarm off. University Housing contacted the fire alarm maintenance company, who tended to the faulty alarm on Sunday. 

While the fire alarm was being worked on, the building was placed in test mode meaning the fire alarm was unable to sound in individual rooms. Because of this, residents were asked to exit the building and call University Police if they saw or smelled fire or smoke. In addition, University Police assisted the housing staff in making rounds throughout the building every hour. The community kitchens were closed for the rest of the day until the fire alarm was working again. 

By the evening, the fire alarm was able to send out sirens and strobe lights to each room. However, it still is unable to alert the fire department and University Police. Therefore, university housing is still telling residents to notify University Police or 911 in case of a fire or smoke after they exit the building. 

University housing would also like to remind residents to: 

  • Make sure anything and everything put in the microwave is indeed microwave safe.
  • Unplug and turn off straightening and curling irons when they are not being used
  • Do not stuff the washer with too many items. (Only put clothes into the washer to the top of the white center pole).
  • Candles, incense, and plug-ins of any kind are not allowed in the building. Only water diffusers for essential oils and reed diffusers are permitted. 

“Thank you for your quick response in evacuating this afternoon for the building fire alarm,” Katie Fester, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, said in an email. “Thank you very much for following our safety measures and keeping our community safe.”