5 Black Women Who Are Changing the Music Game


Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, Culture Reporter

Pop music has had quite a journey over the years. Pop is just short for popular, and the waves of popularity are constantly changing. Dating back to the 1950s, there is a long and worthwhile history of pop music becoming a huge part of worldwide entertainment. Although I say worldwide, there has always been an emphasis on America as being an epicenter of sorts. There have been so many artists, who “redefine” popular music every few years. Artists who make such an impact, their performances and albums are destined to be remembered for years to come. 

Historically, pop music has been a hard genre for Black artists to be considered for, as they are often boxed into the categories of “R&B” or “Urban” as soon as they release a single, which instantly pulls them from being considered 

I wanted to take some time to highlight some of the Black artists who are changing the game for all types of music! There might be some familiar names but hopefully, you discover a new artist or two!

Bree Runway

The first artist I wanted to highlight was Bree Runway, her newest music video (ATM ft Missy Elliot) just hit 2 million views. She’s an English singer from Hackney, London, and is getting nods from artists like Doja Cat and Cardi B on her artistry. Runway herself is against labeling and describes herself as “genre-fluid”, her music experiments with pop, trap, dance, rock, and more. Her visuals and costuming are stellar and really give a performance to fans!


Chloe and Halle

Now, you might have heard of this duo, but they are gaining momentum and are finally getting the respect and recognition they have so deserved. Known as being hand-picked by Beyonce, this sister duo puts everything they have into every performance, video, and project. They have impeccable standards for outfits and their harmonies and vocal ability simply stun. Chloe and Halle are also self-taught, producing and mixing their songs in a home studio, and getting Grammy nominations with every project.


Tea Marr

I discovered Tea Marr around a year or so ago and was completely enthralled by her everything, Her videography, her voice, her outfits, and her demeanor. With a self-proclaimed “otherworldly outsized fashion sense (like Grace Jones gone Candyland) (termarr.com)”, and her unique inflection, Tea Marr is one to look out for. Her music ranges from chill musical pleas for lovers to understand her to upbeat, pop anthems of how men really have only one job…



While she was first signed at age 13, I was introduced to her by her 2018 single, “I Wish I Missed My Ex”. So many of her songs give a sense that she will not put up with anyone nor anything that isn’t good for her. I love listening to her whenever I need a reminder of who I am. Her alternative take on soul and R&B is so refreshing! Her most recent album, Love and Compromise, is a perfect mix of romance and remembering a woman’s worth.


Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks is someone I have recently discovered, and her poetic lyrics along with comforting melodies provide such a smooth and warm feeling when listening to her. Citing inspirations from Solange to Radiohead, Parks music is sure to interests a wide array of people. Her debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, was released in January of this year and peaked at number 3 in the UK Albums Chart!


These are just a few of the stars that you should be listening to, do not think this list is anything but a taste for what’s out there. There are always new artists, looking to break into the radio scene or just have a few more people listen through their latest album. Exploring the world of music is an amazing journey when given the time to do so!