Six players to watch when Georgia Southern travels to Conway

Bethany-Grace Bowers

The season for the Eagles has been one that started out strong. With only one loss to the Clemson Tigers, an ACC powerhouse, the Eagles found their grind and kept on every week. Working hard and raking in wins became something that the team and fans alike got use to within those next couple of weeks, however, the last two weeks have proven that even the best can fall.

With a loss to the University of Louisiana-Monroe and then another loss to the Troy Trojans this past weekend, there has been a small sense of defeat after each loss, but the members of Georgia Football are ready to get back in the game this week in practice and show Eagle Nation that GS is still on top.

Here are six players to watch in this week’s game:

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

Marcus Outlow, #21, RB

The senior from Norwich, Connecticut, Outlow, has been at Coastal for a few years now and continues to make his mark. He currently has eight touchdowns on the season and has played in all ten games this season.

A stand out for Coastal, he has had a 666 gain on the season and has attempts sitting right at 133 yards. He will be a challenge for the GS defense and has been preparing for games like the one that we will see on Saturday.  

Kilton Anderson, #7, QB

With 722 yards on the season Anderson is ready to meet GS this weekend. The quarterback from Naples, FL has had six touchdowns on the season and is quick to hand the ball to the successful Coastal offense.

His longest pass sits at 81 yards and his offense is ready to team up with him to meet the defense GS brings. Fans will more than likely see him start as he has already played in the seven out of the ten games this season.

Fitz Wattley, #20, S

Wattley has a total of 53 tackles on the season and is a strong part of the Coastal defense. In his last game, played against Arkansas State, he racked up six solo tackles and one assist.

Over the span of the whole season, Wattley has committed to 37 solo jobs that were executed tackles. In the nine games that he has played he has shown his teammates that he is there to work and he will show audiences more of that on Saturday.

Georgia Southern Eagles

Raymond Johnson III, #92, DE

As a sophomore, Johnson is a younger player for the Eagles, but he has shown that he has great potential to have immense success as a part of GS football. His solo season stands at 12 tackles, but his ability to be an acceptable teammate shows through his 19 assists throughout the season.

Against the Troy Trojans last Saturday, Johnson had a total of six tackles during a game that challenged the Eagle defense. Eagle nation is ready to see him after this work week and he is ready to do what he does best.

Wesley Kennedy III, #12, WR

Kennedy, a sophomore from Savannah, GA, has been in the spotlight this season, but for the past few weeks he has not played. With 167 receiving yards on the season, he knows what he is capable of and Eagle Nation is ready to see him play again.

Adding to his receiving ability, his rushing yards sit at 267 for the season and when he meets the Coastal defense this Saturday, GS expects those numbers to only grow.

Traver Vliem, #49, DE

The junior from Midland, Texas has proved that he has power. With sacks against some of the Eagles’ toughest opponents in the past two years (Auburn and Clemson), he is ready to meet the Coastal offense.

The GS offense, Vliem included, is where everything starts in terms of energy and he brings it. He has not had that much playing time this season, so Eagle Nation is ready to see him take the field this Saturday against the Chanticleers.