Things to Take Advantage of At Southern


Peyton Callanan, Contributor

Four years go by faster than you would think, and your time at Georgia Southern can’t be all about classes and “Animal House” style parties. The university offers a variety of programs and events that are designed to not only entertain students, but also to make them more well-rounded citizens who are prepared to go into the workforce. Here are some of the most significant aspects of GS life to take advantage of while you are here.

University Programing Board
UPB is a student organization that is responsible for planning special events for GSU students. The events change from semester to semester, depending on what UPB members feel students would be most interested in. Events typically include open mic nights, a night of free bowling at the Clubhouse, skate night, and movie nights every week.
UPB is constantly updating students on social media about the special events they are offering. Most of the events are free or very affordable, but they are also very popular, so make sure to get in line or get your tickets early.

Campus Recreation and Intramurals
CRI is in charge of the RAC and everything that goes on in and around it, including club sports, intramural sports, Southern Adventures, and the University Wellness programs.
The RAC has a little bit of something for everyone no matter what your typical workout plan is. There is the Aquatics Center, group fitness studios, basketball courts, indoor and outdoor tracks, a rock-climbing wall, and more. Club and intramural sports range from popular sports like soccer and flag football to more unique sports like horseback riding and archery.
Southern Adventures is one of the more unique features of CRI. They rent out kayaks, bikes, and other camping gear to students at an affordable price. They also plan and host adventure trips and provide free bike maintenance. If you have ever wanted to be more active and enjoy the great outdoors, then this is the place to start.

Winter/Spring Break Trips
Hitting Panama City Beach during spring break may seem like a right of passage, but there are a wide variety of other things you could do during that glorious week off. While not every student will have the opportunity to study abroad, GSU offers several affordable trips within the U.S. that students can enjoy.
The Office of Student Leadership offers alternative break trips during the spring, summer, and winter breaks where students can work on service projects across the country. Also, Before COVID, The Office of Student Activities sponsored an annual winter break trip to New York City where students can spend a week in the city for under $500. Maybe they’ll bring it back this year.

Resume Building Opportunities
It may be easy to tune out the Office of Career Services the first few semesters of school, but by the time you’re a junior, you will wish you had gone to see them sooner. The earlier you start preparing yourself for life outside of college, the better. Get started now! You should take any opportunity you get to go to a resume workshop, leadership training, or anything with the words ‘internship,’ ‘job’or ‘career’ in it.