What’s Good with Greek Life?


Alex McCray, Contributor

There’s more to Greek life at Georgia Southern than just what’s on Row. There are all kinds of Greek organizations on campus like music, multicultural, medical, and even service.

The Pan-Hellenic Association at Georgia Southern consists of seven sororities. These sororities typically have the most members, organize at least one philanthropy fundraising event and host social events with other Greek organizations.

National Pan-Hellenic Council
There are eight organizations that are a part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council at Georgia Southern. These organizations hold forums, meetings and other events to talk about social and political issues that affect the community.

lnterfraternity Council
The lnterfraternity Council consists of nearly 20 organizations both on row and off-campus. These organizations are the male counterparts to Panhellenic sororities. They also usually have large membership, one or more philanthropies, and hold socials.

Some Greek organizations only focus on community service, such as Alpha Phi Omega, or Epsilon Tau Pi. These organizations and many more cater to students that are looking to continue their community service throughout college.

Multicultural Greek Council·
MGC at Georgia Southern has four organizations with diverse members. These organizations aim to increase diversity and awareness on campus about minority culture, history and politics, as well as increase campus unity.

Christian Sororities
There are a few Christian sororities on campus. These are similar to Pan-Hellenic sororities except that they are spiritually based.

Career/Honor Fraternities
There are multiple career, medical and music fraternities that are open to all students within those corresponding majors. Honor fraternities are open to all students of all majors once they reach certain GPAs.

For more information about Greek Life on campus, visit the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life website here.