Changes in Eagle Dining: Everything You Need to Know

Changes in Eagle Dining: Everything You Need to Know

Andrew Eunice, Contributor

Big changes are starting to take shape in Eagle Dining as we move “further away” from the pandemic. From new adjusted guidelines from the CDC, and the wide-spread access to the vaccine, things are starting to operate the way they did before the pandemic while offering options to those who still feel cautious. 

Last year, there was no dine-in in any of the Eagle Dining facilities, and no facility was at full capacity. This was a result of compliance towards CDC guidelines, which meant social distancing and capacity limits were required. “Last year, everything was to-go. We offered to-go plates or to-go boxes for every student. There was no eating in the facilities,” said Greg Crawford, Director of Residential Dining. 

Now, with adjusted guidelines and Georgia Southern’s initiative to resume all operations as normal, Eagle Dining has regained full-capacity and now allows sit-down dining in its facilities, while still allowing to-go plates for students who would prefer that option.

“Now people can dine in, or if they have a dining plan, they can still have a to-go option. How that works is if you have the blue plan, you get seven to-go meals per week. Or if you have the gold plan, you get nine to-go meals per week,” said Crawford.

Eagle Dining is also offering a brand new plan called the three or the five, meaning three meals or five meals for students who are looking for a more limited option. These new plans are also flexible to those who would prefer a to-go option. “If you have a three or a five plan you can either eat-in three or five times, or take to-go three or five times a week. So that is something new that we’ve never done in the past, and that is new to this year,” said Crawford. 

This is all confirmed on the website for Eagle Dining. The Eagle Blue Plan and the Eagle Gold Plan are both listed as all-access as it was before the pandemic, and they also both list guest-passes(7/semester for Blue, 9/semester for Gold) and to-go passes(7/week for Blue, 9/week for Gold). They both also include dining dollars, as was the case for last year, at the same rate as usual($100/semester for Blue, $300/semester for Gold). They also run at the same prices as usual, meaning $1775/semester for the Eagle Blue Plan and $1925/semester for the Eagle Gold Plan. The Eagle Five Plan is listed at $660/semester, and the Eagle Three Plan is listed at $375/semester.

From regaining full-capacity and allowing dine-in to take place within it’s facilities, as well as providing to-go options, Eagle Dining is operating as normal while still being compliant with current CDC guidelines and sensitive towards those who still remain cautious. Whether a student would like to dine-in between classes like business as usual, or take a to-go box for precaution, Eagle Dining is ready to serve safely and efficiently.