Georgia Southern football player by day, aspiring musician by night

Erin Ware, Anchor/Writer

One Georgia Southern football player has entered the spotlight in Statesboro, but not just for football. Gavin Adcock spends his time on the field during the day, but at night his voice can be heard around Statesboro.

Gavin Adcock has always loved music and even found himself writing and performing a few songs in high school. Even now, as a college and Barstool athlete Adcock still finds the time to work on music. 

“After I practice football I go home, write some songs, dedicate some time. I also have to do schoolwork. I can’t just throw that away,” said Adcock.

Adcock began performing at venues around Statesboro and has even released a song on apple music, which has received a lot of support from the community. Some of his biggest supporters are his teammates. 

“When I let my song out, they were all playing it. Every single one of them. They come up to me and they were proud of me, I guess. I mean, I was proud of me,” said Adcock. 

Gavin plans to continue making music and performing after college. 

You can stream Gavin’s music on apple music and Spotify and stay up to date on his upcoming shows by following @gavinadcockmusic on Instagram.