Women’s March for Abortion | Photo Story

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  • Starting at Sweetheart Circle, students came together to march for abortion rights in response to the Texas Abortion Law that was passed in September.

  • The march was held on October 2, 2021. Different organizations were involved, such as the Young Democrats of Georgia Southern and Women’s March Statesboro.

  • Mia Bell said, “I feel like it’s the girl’s body of choice, and abortion should be legal. And it’s not really killing the baby if the woman cannot afford it and do not want to put in the system, she should have a right to an abortion.”

  • “I just think it’s important that all women have access, women and people with uteruses have access to health care that is specific for their bodies. And I think it’s very unfair that a bunch of people are making laws that limit that access. I would like more people to realize of the injustice of lack of abortion access. I feel like it’s not talked about very often, especially in the south. So I think it’s important that we bring more awareness to it.” said Ashley Fisher.

  • When crossing the intersection, they gained a lot of support from cars honking, and some others joined them while they were marching. In this photo, Micah Smith is holding the trans flag at the intersection while the students march on.

  • David said, “Well, my first reason for marching is that my mom was, you know, she’s always been a victim of domestic violence in her life. She’s always been a big proponent of women’s rights and women’s productive rights. So, it’s always been very important to me to support it as well.” “But I hope that [this march] spreads awareness and get people who are on the fence about it, to at least start looking into the issues that surround it because despite our strides forward, women are still marginalized in ways that a lot of people don’t realize.”

  • This sign represents what women used to do before medical abortion was legal.

  • Student raising awareness for women to have the right to have an abortion. Throughout this march, they were shouting “My body, My choice” and more.

  • “I believe that abortion is healthcare and healthcare is a human right. I think that women’s rights are human rights. And I think the access to abortion is not only like crucial in our society, it’s absolutely necessary. If it doesn’t even make real change within the mind of lawmakers or people in power. I want local people to know what we stand for. And it statesboro, I feel like statesboro can sometimes get caught up in the fact that we’re a small city in the south. And I want people who believe in this, I want people who believe in women’s rights to know that they aren’t alone. And that there’s a community here that wants to fight for rights.” said Rose Bishop (in tan hat).

  • Darius Shockley(right) is marching for ” I’m marching for rights of women to have an abortion even though [he] do not have [his] leg in the fight. [He is] still an advocate for equal rights everywhere.” “Well to get attention, especially like in a southern small town, I believe a lot of people don’t speak up because we’re going to get judged and this is the perfect moment is sent out for watching” said Guadalupe Martinez. (left)

  • At the end of the march, they all gathered to start the rally in front of the courthouse to hear the speakers.

  • Micah Smith spoke at the rally. She used to be a part of the military and gave us insight of what was going on in the military when laws for trans people were happening.

  • One of the speakers, Carry Smith, stated, “Everyone has a different life, and everybody has different circumstances. So prescribing one circumstance in a country for our literally entitlements it’s our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, telling me as a woman that I cannot get an abortion, and I have been raped is like telling me that I have a sentence, death sentence against me, because of the mental health issues that go along with it.”

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