Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Show that Deserves Be Remembered

Noelle Walker

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a popular show that aired in the late 90s and early 2000s. The show is centered around Buffy slaying vampires and demons, all while trying to get through high school. Honestly, there are so many great things in the series: it’s empowering to women, shows that family isn’t determined by blood, and so much more. The series deserves to be remembered. Here’s why. 

It empowers women

There’s a stereotype that blondes tend to be fragile, but Buffy shows just how far off this is. She’s not weak by any means. Who else would be able to keep their mind slaying demons and navigating through high school?

Oh, and she fights in all types of outfits–skirts and heels included.


It tells us that we don’t have to be related to be family

Everyone that’s been a part of Buffy’s life has become her family. Whether or not someone is related to you, a close bond can mean more than blood ever will.

It shows that anyone can change

There is always more to someone than meets the eye. The character development throughout the series reveals that there isn’t a single person who can’t be saved.

It reveals the true power of friendship

There’s no way Buffy could have gotten through everything she did without the help of her friends. The show reveals that friendships make you stronger, and you don’t have to go through things alone.

It warns that love doesn’t follow anyone’s rules

There are so many types of loves that this show explores. That’s all I’ll say in order to avoid spoilers.  

It reveals the power of sacrifice

This is something Buffy shows again and again. What’s more admirable than sacrificing yourself for the people you love?

It tells us that sometimes we don’t end up with the ones we love. And that’s okay

Sometimes things work out–and don’t work out–for a reason, whether it’s because of timing or something else. 

Buffy has been through so much throughout the series, and she has still managed to stay true to who she is. Of course, she has had her ups and downs, but she always manages to pull through and do what’s right. She’s such an admirable character, and the show has so many great qualities.

This show is definitely one that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is available to watch on Hulu.