Netflix Review: Insatiable

Noelle Walker

Insatiable can ultimately be summed up into one word: insane. And not the good insane either where you go, “oh my gosh that party was insane.” This show is the “that girl is insane” kind of insane.

Insatiable is one of Netflix’s newer releases starring Debby Ryan. Netflix’s description of the show is “A bullied teenager turns to beauty pageants as a way to exact her revenge, with the help of a disgraced coach who soon realizes he’s in over his head.”

This description might just be the most down-played of the century.

The show starts out with the main character, Patty, being overweight. She had been constantly bullied because of it. But, when she gets in a fight with a homeless man over a candy bar, she ends up with a wired-shut jaw. Due to the all liquid diet, she loses a lot of weight and, as the show tells us, becomes beautiful.

Then bring in the lawyer, Bob, whose passion is pageantry. After a false allegation, his life is in shambles. He has no hope ever coaching anyone in pageantry and his firm has lost its clients.

Bring the two together, and what do you get? An unconfident, tortured girl dead set on revenge and a desperate pageant coach.

Throughout the show, Patty does a lot of messed up things—most of which are to the people she loves most. Obviously, she immediately regrets it afterwards and tries to make amends for what she did. Later in the season, when she finds out she has a teratoma, she thinks that it is the thing making her do all of these horrible things like (spoiler alert) pushing someone off the top of a food truck, pushing that same person out of their wheelchair, “killing” the homeless man who fought her, exposing Bob’s biggest secret and more. But no. It’s just her.

Oh, and the girl she pushed off the food truck? She has fangs.

Another constant character throughout the show is another man named Bob. He is Bob #1’s rival. That is, until the end of the season. Honestly, their new relationship came out of nowhere.  

As if that’s not bad enough, bring in the bad boy named Christian. He tries to negatively influence Patty all throughout the show, and, when she breaks up with him, he turns into a stalker.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty parts and storylines of the show, but what really does it in are the last two episodes. Honestly, I don’t even have words to describe it. The ending came out of nowhere and could have possibly scarred me for life.

I honestly regret watching this show. So many things in the show were downright impertinent to so many different groups of people.

The amount of disrespect to the Christian faith was far from okay. Newsbusters describes one of these impertinent scenes best: “Asking the Holy Spirit to ‘please ride me…deep, deep, deep in my Hooool…ly Father’ while making sexual motions and gyrations…What is that even supposed to mean, other than the obvious sexual innuendo?” Why was this allowed to air? Since when is it okay to insult a religion like that? It doesn’t even stop there. There are many other insulting things towards Christianity sprinkled throughout the show.

Add on the body-shaming issue. It’s almost as if the show was telling viewers that you’re only beautiful if you’re skinny. One episode is even called “Skinny is Magic.” When Patty returns to school thin, people don’t even recognize her. They re-introduce themselves and invite her to sit at the popular table. It’s almost as if all her problems and the bullying disappeared because she was skinny and, thus, ‘skinny.’ Patty is still hurt by all the bullying in her past, and she thinks beauty pageants are what she needs to get revenge. Which ends up being what most of the show is about. Instead of Patty discovering her self-worth, she’s constantly trying to get her vengeance through beauty pageants. And what will that do, exactly? How will that show everyone they never should have bullied her when they don’t even recognize her at school?

Honestly, I could point out so many issues with this show, but that would probably result in multiple pages where this bad show wastes even more of your time.

What message is this show sending people? This wasn’t a comeback story. This wasn’t a body positive story. This wasn’t a ‘be proud of who you are’ story. This was an offensive story that should never have aired.

With Patty, revenge wasn’t sweet. It was just…evil.