Georgia Southern students share their New Year’s resolutions

Elise Taylor, Multimedia Journalist

We all have new year’s resolutions that we set and plan to achieve, but sometimes those goals never get reached. 


Luckily, there are plenty of places on campus that can help you get to where you want to be. 


When making your plan, pick an attainable goal and outline small, specific steps that you can take to achieve it.


“My new year’s resolution was to start working out, drink more water, and start saving my money better,” said freshman Jessica Fernandez.


The number one new year’s resolution in the U.S. is to exercise more.


If this happens to be your resolution, then you’re in luck.


You can go to the RAC where they offer tons of equipment, classes, and more to fit all of your needs. 


If you want to stay on track with working out, try making a schedule for your exercises and start where you’re comfortable and then work your way up. 


To stay consistent, Fernandez has a motto that keeps her motivated.


“To remind myself everyday of my goals because goals are achieved through everyday work. You have to wake up and remember your goals,” she said. 


Being a student is also important to take into account when planning your resolution. 


If your goal is to get better grades or focus more in school, the library is a great place to get ahead.


The library offers tutoring services that can help you catch up if you start to fall behind. 


To stay on top of your work, try getting organized by writing down all of your assignments and due dates. 


Space out your work and dedicate specific times for getting it done. 

And don’t forget to take a break in between. 


Freshman Gabriella Cruz has her own plan for working on her academics. 


“I just have to work really hard, push myself, realize when I’m playing and not focusing, and fix that,” Cruz said. 


Regardless of your resolution, you can always find resources on campus to help you succeed. 


The best way to achieve your goal is to start small, set goals, stay consistent, and don’t be too hard on yourself.


Also, don’t forget to celebrate your small successes.


You got this and you’re doing great.