Jobs and Savings

Elise Taylor, Multi Media Journalist


As college students, we all know the importance of balancing school, work, clubs, and trying to be financially stable at the same time. 


Last week, the student job fair was hosted in Russell Union to help students who are looking to make some extra cash. 


The event helped many students explore different work opportunities on and around campus. 


“We would look for somebody who’s enthusiastic. Someone who actually can carry a conversation so to speak. Someone who is diligent, hardworking, and someone who’s dependable. Someone who we can rely on,” said Human Resource Coordinator, Kenny Roberts. 


After getting a job, money management becomes crucial, but regardless of employment status, students on campus know how important it is to save money. 


“You really have to balance out your needs and your wants. So, if you need something, you can get it, but if you want something, I say you probably should walk away from it,” said freshman Gabrielle Smiley.


“Don’t just say you’re gonna save money and then turn around and spend it on something that’s not valuable. Spend money on valuable things,” freshman Inara Ziyad said. 


“Start now, cause you, if you do it late you might not have the amount of money that you need for the future,” said junior Andre Murray. 


When starting to save, try choosing a goal amount of money and a date to save it by.


Then, budget out a certain amount of money to save from each paycheck to reach that goal. 


If you need help, there are always resources on campus and online about how to save money and prepare for the future.