Black Business Pop Up Shop

Elise Taylor, Multi Media Journalist

To kick off black history month, University Housing, GS National Pan-Hellenic Council, Parker College of Business, and the Business Innovation Group worked together to host their second annual Black Business Pop Up Shop on Georgia Avenue last week. 


The event promotes student run black business and brings awareness to the black community.


At the pop up shop, you could find jewelry, clothing, treats, art, and more.


“I think promoting black businesses is really important. I think it’s always of significance to, uh, further black people and support their creativity. I think that’s really important that they have a space to be creative and that other people can support that,” said Kaela Helms, owner of Kae’s Cuffs.


The pop up shop attracted a lot of attention from visitors around the community and boosted sales for these young creators. 


Many students started their business based on their own passions and goals. 


“My dad, he was always very supportive of me, of my art. He always, you know, saw the vision so I just decided to say ‘hey okay well why not I start a business’ and just you know make things to help people, you know to create their vision,” said Senior, Cameron Jones. 


These young entrepreneurs have been working hard on their products and it’s obvious that the work has paid off. 


There was one bottom line emphasized throughout the day by these creators.


“Support and shop black year round,” Freshman Te’ara Marshall said. 


“Shop black,” said Kaela Helms. 


“Keep supporting each other, keep having unity, and keep the faith,” Cameron Jones said.