Signed and Sealed

Justin Helms, Multi Media Journalist

The Eagle’s recruiting team was able to make big moves this year on both signing days. Bringing in 22 players out of high school and 4 more through the transfer portal. The addition of new Coach Clay Helton has been one of the biggest reasons why. 


“He’s won a Rose Bowl. He has been at the very top and we want everyone to know that, as they should. That you’re going to come here and get developed and have a chance to play football after here, but also have an education that will take care of itself when you’re done playing football,” said Ryan Smith, General Manager of Recruiting.


Even with the emergence of name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals in college football, the team believes that the passion for the sport in Statesboro will continue to attract prospects to Eagles.


Especially those in Georgia, where they try their hardest to keep players in state.


“We really stayed true to the state of Georgia. You’re looking at 19 of these signees right here from the state of Georgia. There were a lot of kids that are really hidden in the state and a tremendous amount of talent,” said Head Football Coach Clay Helton. 


Speed is one factors Clay Helton’s staff looked for in players this year. Ryan Smith put it simply they want to get bigger, faster, stronger. 


Which they were able to do in a big by way pulling 4-star running back Terrance Gibbs away from power 5 schools. 

“I think he’ll end up being one of the highest ranked players in the history of the program as a recruit. As people were continuing to recruit him, I think he saw there was some true opportunities at some special places, and this was one of them. I think we’ll look up three to four years from now and go, wow, I remember the day that he signed,” Helton said.


The Eagles have already begun welcoming the spring early enrollees to Statesboro and can’t wait to get a preview of them in the blue and white this spring.