We asked Georgia Southern students their thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Elise Taylor, Multimedia Journalist

With tensions rising between Russia and Ukraine, there seems to be world wide recognition, especially in the U.S. of the threat of another world war. 

Because of this global conflict, we asked students their thoughts on what’s going on.

“I  want people to realize that this is not a joking matter. Not everything needs to be a meme. I want people to realize that how would you feel if you were waking up to the sound of bombs,” Senior Dionna Jennings said. 

“I believe that the Russian/Ukraine situation is very sad and I’m really-my heart breaks for the people over there and I just hope that they can receive the best help and evacuate as soon as possible,” Freshman Denia Samuel said. 

“When you let somebody gain a lot of power, and let those powers go untapped and unchecked for a long time, they’re able to manipulate the system enough to be able to basically do what they want at the expense of everybody around them,” Junior Kyle Jenkins said. 

“We need to spread awareness for everything that’s happening in Ukraine and find ways that we can help them,” Sophomore Haley Gosbee said. 

“It’s one man versus the entire world. No one agrees with Putin besides himself and in Russia all the protesters are being shut down by the police and being thrown in the back of vans. That is terrible and that’s the worst thing about it in my opinion,” Freshman Aiden Parris said. 

“I’m thinking about the women, the children, all of these different civilians who are being affected by all of this. I would hope that the US would get involved and try to atleast get, do, give them some refuge,” Dionna Jennings said.

“I think it’s a crazy situation right now with everything that’s going on. I just hope that we can come to world peace,”  Senior Jaylin Andrews said.