Braves World Series Trophy comes to J I Clements

Asa Baurle, Multimedia Journalist

Since the Braves broke the Georgia sports curse winning the World Series. The legendary trophy has been traveling all around the state, and just last week right here on our campus.

 Hundreds of fans lined the stadium’s pavilion to get a picture with the world series trophy.

The moment meant a lot for many Georgia sports fans.

As the Braves postseason run paved the way for the state’s first major professional sports championship of the 21st Century 

“I can’t believe they won it finally happened, it never happens for Atlanta sports. It finally happened and I can’t believe it’s coming to Statesboro so, I had to come and get this opportunity,” said sophomore Phillip Kersh. 

For others it was their first in person look at a pro sports championship trophy.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a trophy ever, I’m really excited, I came out here with my friends just to see this,” said freshman Ernest Asare.

After getting pictures with the trophy. Fans got to watch their other favorite team in blue cruise to a four to one win against the College of Charleston.