The Holi Festival is back Elise Taylor shows us what the fun is all about

Elise Taylor, Multimedia Journalist

Holi is the festival of spring colors and celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Also called the festival of love, Holi is a time where people forget their resentments and issues, and come together to celebrate life.

The festival stems from the Hindu scripture and epic called the Mahabharata, but the festival is beginning to spread and be celebrated by all religions. 

“Not everyone here is Indian right, and most of the people aren’t, you know. But it’s important for us to be able to share our culture with everyone, you know. Originally it’s a festival more than anything,” said junior Nithin Muthukumar.

At the festival, you could get a Holi t-shirt to wear so you could be completely covered in color when they did the color throw. 

Guests could use a stencil and create designs with colored sand on the ground as well as get henna drawn in their choice of design. 

If you got hungry, there was a popsicle stand handing out fruit and ice cream pops, as well as a table with a plethora of traditional Indian foods to try. 

They also played cultural music for people to dance along to. 

“I had always wanted to go to a Holi festival because I had seen all of the colors and everybody was so happy so I knew it was something that I felt good about going to. It just seems so much fun and I’ve had the best time, I’ve gotten to eat really good food. I’ve gotten to just meet people I didn’t know either,” said sophomore Samantha Holbrook. 

The festival helped bring many people together and stressed the importance of having a heart full of love. 

“With all the bad things happening in the world, it’s important to celebrate together in spite of them,” said Muthukumar.