The Drag Show Event

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  • The Drag Show that occurred on April 6 was hosted by OMA and University Housing.

  • Tiffany C. Dubois started drag here at Georgia Southern in 1994.

  • Tiffany C. Dubois stated, “My friends and I did [drag] for Halloween. It stuck for a couple of us to where it was something we enjoyed. Being a theater major it went hand and hand.”

  • Ravion Starr Alexandria St. James have been doing drag for 27 years.

  • Ravion started drag based off of a dare. She went to a talent show with her friends and won the show and got the “drag bite”.

  • When asked about how she learned to do makeup, Ravion said, “I would go help other queens at shows and watch. I kind of took bits and pieces from entertainers I’ve seen.”

  • For those who would like to find community, First City Pride Center in Savannah has a lot of resources. There is also Statesboro Pride for those who can’t travel to Savannah.

  • Blair Williams have done drag for 30 years and put herself through school doing drag.

  • Blair Williams traveled around the country to raise money for the Trevor Project. “It’s a organization that reaches out to prevent suicide for LGBTQ youth and they have a hotline to make the youth feel belonged and that they have alternatives.” said Blair Williams.

  • Blair Williams further stated, “I think drag in general raises a lot of money for communities. Whenever someone needs something, the first people they reach out to are drag queens. Like in Savannah, they have a LGBTQ center and the drag community often does benefits for them”

  • Carla Cox started drag with her friend who was like her life-sized Barbie doll. When asked what was her favorite interaction with the audience, she said, “I had a mother come up to me crying that I had never met. She said that she enjoyed watching me because it gave her hope for the future of her gay son that was underage and coming out.”

  • Alexiya St. Martin started drag because of a drunken game of truth and dare and she is still doing drag 20 years later.

  • When asked what is her favorite part of drag, Alexiya said, “Taking it off at the end of the night. It’s fun to be up there and raise money for the community, but at the end of the day being able to relax afterwards knowing that you did a good job and made someone happy.”

  • During the Q&A session, the drag queens gave numerous advice about starting drag. Carla Cox told the audience to “remember that you are doing it for yourself”. Tiffany said that “You have to know who you are before you hit the stage”.

  • Overall, the event was amazing. The ladies gave what was supposed to be given.

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