CSA: Caribbean Airways Carnival Fashion Show

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  • CSA’s Caribbean Airways Carnival Fashion Show occurred on Friday April 8. We traveled to different countries of the Caribbean to see how each country celebrate Carnival.

  • The first stop was Haiti!

  • From this event, Da’Leiah Smith wants students to “understand the Carnival and Caribbean culture more because [she] don’t want people thinking that all [they] do is shake [their] butt”.

  • Da’Leiah Smith also explained the costumes they wear. The costumes may have different meanings to people such as “strength, power, identity or it’s just them”. The feathers mainly mean “feeling free like birds”.

  • The second place we traveled to was Jamaica!

  • CSA only gave us a taste of what Carnival is. With all of the feathers, flags, dancing, and flips, the crowd can only imagine how an actual Carnival would go.

  • Then we stopped by Antigua and Barbuda!

  • Throughout the event, the crowd were highly engaged with the models.

  • Our last stop was Trinidad and Tobago! Trinidad is also known as the Mother of all Carnivals.

  • Donovan Clayton (left) stated that “In Trinidad, Carnival first started out as a revolt against the slave masters that they were colonized by at the time. They continued the celebration to commemorate, celebrate, [and] pay tribute to the end of slavery”.

  • When asked about what impact he wants the event to have, Donovan Clayton stated, “I would like this to peak the interest of people since some people don’t know what Carnival is or never been to one. Maybe get rid of a lot of the misconceptions of it might be with the commercialization of Brazil Carnival. People think it just a promiscuous festival and they don’t know how it started”.

  • The fashion show was entertaining from start to finish. CSA really kept the energy up the entire time.

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